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Front eagle four points Wei McNab believes that he is a famous player

Beijing May 27, NFL quartz, Dono Wan – McNoon (Donovan McNabb) continued to believe that he should be selected by the Career Football Hall.

“All is complete,” said McNab to TMZ. “I don’t hesitate to this. I am a celebrities. My data proves this …. My data BitroMan is ok, but he has a super bowl of champion and he is still Famous players do teammates. “

This is not the first time McNab to say that he should enter the celebration and compare his data and Akman.

McNab was in the first 11 years in the end of the year for Philadelphia eagle. In the 167 game, his success rate of his career reached 59%, Camisetas de fútbol baratas and Camisetas de fútbol baratas the 37276 yard was reached between 234 times. In contrast, Akmann has achieved 32,942 yards 165 times.

McNab was subsequently asked if his data was enough to let him enter the celebrities and Camisetas de fútbol baratas why he did not reach this achievement.

“When they look at my data, yes,” McNab said. “But they always consider other factors. & Lsquo; Is he entered the best lineup? Have he completed this achievement? He entered a few super bowls? & Rsquo; but people unconsciously entered the national contest To reach 5 times in the country, then enter a super bowl? That is very difficult. “

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