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Brown intends to make Tailus West Wester as a first run

Cleveland Brown won in the past two weeks, and continued to maintain a group of 5 wins and 3 losses. However, behind the victory is a worrying ground attack. Since Brown Star Center Alex-Mac (Alex Mack) was almost stagnant after the Sixth Week reimbursement, the first running Weight-Tit (Ben Tate) is particularly low, Only 3 yards in Zhou Tsai even 10 times, it is not a level that the nfl jerseys level runs should be, and the other is ISAIAH CROWELL without playing.

Tit’s downturn also gave the opportunity to show the performance of Terrence West, and he won the 48 yards after 15 times last week. Mike Pettine, Mike Pettine, hinted that West Wester will get more opportunities in the future. Pert said: “Take a look at the competition, make these three running guards, you can find that Wester is obviously better. He won more opportunities for himself, when he was present, do it The contribution is the most in these three people. “

But can Wester maintain your own efficiency is still worthy of doubts. The first five weeks of Brown’s scorpion code ranked first in the league, wholesale jerseys and each time the squad was released to 1.9 yards after the Macquarium. So Worth Will Will not pick up the position of the starting running guard, Brown urgently needs to improve its ground covering capacity.

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