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Viking will not use privilege labels to Case-Karnam

Minnesota Weijing also begins to find new quarter-off.

According to cheap nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Viking will not use privilege labels to Case-Kenhaenum, nfl jerseys which will put him on the free market.

In this way, the potential of Kirk Cousins has one more. Although the spending of Cousins is a lot of money, the Waiting Space Ranking Alliance No. 9 Viki people have full of competition.

Although the jet said that it is more attractive to the champion-level defensive group and several offensive weapons. Three quartzes cheap nfl jerseys from china the List of Viking people & mdash; & mdash; Kenham, cheap nfl jerseys Teddy-Briguwater and Sam Bradford will enter the free market . Retaining 2014 first round Show Brry Giwater does not cost how much money, but Bradford has experience in John Defilippo, John Defilippo, with the new offense coordinator.

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