This laminate has moderate reflectiveness and a consistent, standard finish. Matte-finish laminates bring a look of functionality and quiet elegance to a kitchen space.

The greatest advantage of these laminates is that they have excellent resistance to scratches and dust, which makes them easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free.

Opt for a 1-millimetre-thick laminate for the external surface of the cabinet and a 0.7-millimetre-thick laminate as liner for the insides of the cabinet and drawers – this will ensure a neat look and make cleaning easy.

A glossy laminate finish has an attractive mirror-like sheen. It imparts a luxurious look to the kitchen and adds brightness to the space because of its ability to reflect a bit of light.

Gloss-finish laminates are susceptible to scratches and need regular cleaning because they show smudges and fingerprints easily.

Pro tip:
Can’t decide between glossy and matte? In that case, consider a mix-and-match of these two cabinet finishes. One way could be to demarcate the upper cabinets with a gloss finish and the lower cabinets with a matte finish. The ceiling lights will be effective in highlighting the glossy surface of the upper cabinets while an easy-to-clean matte finish is perfect for the lower cabinets, which are regularly used and subjected to more wear and tear.We at Impreza laminates aspire from everything that makes’s India as great it is. The expectation of millions of satisfied customers has inspired us to g…

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