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Black Panther General Manager to talk about the four points Weikam – Newton’s future in the team

The four-point guards Cam Newton expressed optimism for the Black Panther left in Carolina.

But his general manager Marty Hurney is not the case. In the interview, cheap china jerseys free shipping he was asked in the future of Newton, he avoided it.

“He is rehabilitation, this is all I can say,” Hernie said. In the last season, Newton is just 2 games due to the feet.

Hernie then refused to answer further questions on Newton’s future. He is even reluctant to say that he will definitely leave a comment on the black panther’s speech in 2020.

Generally speaking, in such an interview, the general manager will say a bunch of empty talk. Even if they decide to give up a player in the future, they will not say. But Hernie now avoids the attitude of not talking, cheap jerseys from china the outside world is more concerned about Newton.

After multiple old, the black panther may decide to enter the full reconstruction mode. Newton will enter the last year of the contract, if the black Leopard decides to distinguish, then they can save $ 19.1 million salary space. Newton’s injury history has made the outside world to guess his future in the Black Leopard.

Nowadays, Herni refuses to discuss Newton’s future, I am afraid that the guessing increase is increasing.

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