our external hardwood doors are constructed from mixed materials including timber, real oak veneers and man-made materials, using either variants of the mortice and tenon joints, dowell joints or slab construction.Read More

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Alstone Door and Window Frames

4,000.00 Inc tax
alstone Door and WIndow frames are a ready to use solution for making Windows and Door Frames in any size & design . they are 100% termite proof, 100% Water Proof, 100% Fire Retardant, borer proof, eco friendly and best alternative to Plywood , UPVC, metal frames. WPC frames have a life of more than 50 years. Alstone is producing the frames in 50 mm , 60 mm and 70 mm thickness with 4,5,6 inches width and 7,8,9 feet length.

Alstone PVC laminates 1.25mm

1,500.00 Inc tax
Alstone PVC laminates come in 4 types of color choices to choose from : solid colors, sparkle colors, wooden colors, leather colors, abstract colors, wallpaper colors

Alstone WPC/PVC Doors

6,000.00 Inc tax
Alstone WPC/PVC doors are a complete replacement to all types of wooden doors, Metal doors. they are 100% water Proof, 100% Termite Proof, 100% fire retardant, Eco friendly, has a service life of more than 25 years, they come in more than 100 color shades, 50 designs and a wide range of thickness and sizes.

door water proof

120.00 Inc tax

Wood Polymer Composite Board

207.00 Inc tax
alstone has brought WPC sheets in india as a alternative to Plywood and wood products.WPC or PVC sheets are 100% waterproof, 100% termite proof, 100% fire retardant and any carpentor can make furniture from our sheets