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Digital laminate- Cinderella

Cinderella digital laminate is from durian brand laminate this laminate comes in high gloss as well smooth finish laminate

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Cinderella digital laminate is from durian brand laminate this laminate comes in high gloss as well smooth finish laminate this is one of the best laminate in industry long lasting durable laminate it can be used on wardrobes in children bedroom with pink co lour combination it will look good on sliding doors of wardrobes

Pure Phenol Product

We use only the highest quality of Raw Materials for our products
Highest Scratch Resistance

Produced with high quality overlay to give longer and tougher surface life to the laminate
Designs Curated from World Over

Importing from world over to delivery quality and long lasting print.
Largest Nationwide Network

Largest network to provide quality and timely service.
Borer, Fungus and Termite Guard

India’s only laminate with BFT Guard
Largest Collection

Available in more than 900 unique designs, 150 different textures and 22 different grades.

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All the above are the range of laminates which durian manufactures with ISI grade.
durian digital laminates are long lasting and durable laminates it is very beautiful laminate with pink shade which can go with combination of white or off white or pink color laminate it looks pretty if it is used in kids bedroom on sliding doors in today’s modern world these types of laminates are mostly preferred to use this kind of laminates as well interior and carpenters choice this kind of laminates in India this laminates are now a days spreading very fast in the market
so this kind of laminates can be proffered o use for residential purpose because it is durable in all seasons

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