Modular Kitchen Accessories like Tandem Basket, Pantry unit, Magic corner, Wicker Basket, S-Corner, Cutlery unit, Swing corner ..e.t.c are used in Making Modular Kitchen by Interior Decorators and carpenters These accessories for modular kitchens are guaranteed to increase efficiency and storage.

Modular kitchen accessories can be customised to suit diverse cooking styles and create smart storage. Additionally, they ensure an uncluttered look, good organisation and convenience, which will make your day-to-day cooking a delightful experience.

It is essential to choose the accessories before the renovation work begins so that a modular kitchen design can be achieved seamlessly. Here are modular kitchen accessories that will optimise every square inch of your kitchen and will ensure maximum efficiency.


Avilable in Sizes

Width 450 mm ( 17.7165″ inch ) X Height 1828 mm (72″ inch)

Width 650 mm (25.5906 ” inch) X Height 1828 mm(72″ inch)

Glass pantry with Out Beeding 

Flat Line Stain less steel 

Wire Pantry

Satin Pantry

Deco Wire Pantry