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Agua is self-salvation, pirate 17:14 black panther

Beijing time October 11 early 8: 30, the fifth week of the cheap nfl jerseys regular season, on Monday Night in the two national UN, the team, the current record, three-loss Carolina Black Panther team is home to the home, welcome The same is a three-loss Tampawan pirate team. This bureau, Corolina main four-point guards, Cam Newton, due to injury, the pirates have the opportunity to end the six-game losing streak against the Black Panther team.

The pirates first held the ball attack, lost the main running guards – Martin and Charles Sims chose to give the ball to the replacement of Guaquz-Rogers (Jacquizz Rodgers) , The main pavement attack. Subsensil, Vincent Jackson, Jameis Winston, Push 17 yards, followed by roberto aguayo (Roberto Aguayo) Hit 35 yards, the pirate team 3: 0 first record. Then the two sides alternately kicked.

In the second section, the Blager team had to abandon the kick in any ball. Tampa Bay is out of the game, but the black panthar is attacking the hand TED Ginn Jr.) In the teammate interference, the pirate team returned the ball on the 50-yard line of the other side. Playing the ball Agua is trying a 33 yard, and the ball is biased after the right door column. This is the third time of this two-wheeled show. The palls of the Black Panther San Delick Anderson were destroyed, and the line Darel Smith put the ball. 35 yards in Aguata, the pirate team 6: 0 leads. With the last 42 seconds of the first half, Greg Olsen and the outer side of Kelvin Benjamin, the black panther team promoted to the pirate halfway, However, the player Gaham-Graham Gano is 43 yards freebles. In the first half, Tampa Bay occupied most of the targeted time, but they only had 6: 0 leading the black panther team.

At the beginning of the next half, the black panther team first offensive, Derri-Andon passed the ball to find Greg-Olsen, respectively, respectively, 34 and 21 yards. Before you get the branch, four files 1 yard, the black panther team runs to Kameon – Cameron Artis-Payne, Camina, Calorina 7: 6 against ratios. The pirate team has been out of the game; then the black pantha is also to discard kick in the four files. However, the pirate team special service group was blown down the kick’s foul, Carolina won the first attack. Greg – Olsen brought 33 yards, Cameron – Attent Penzuo scorpion 12 yards score, divided into 14: 6. Exchange ball, Winston continuous passed, close-end Edge Cameron Brate, push 38 yards, external hand Michavans 26 yards to catch up, Adam – Hengris (adam humphries) brought two points to complete two points, the pirates 14:14 equalize the score.

After that, the two sides were out of the game. The competition entered the fourth quarter, Derk Anderson rushed out of the pocket, defending Davonte Lambert, Davonte Lambert, forced Anderson, William Gholston, picked the ball. After retransmission of the ball, the pirate team once again left. This time, the black leopard offensive group continuously won the number of large numbers; came to the front line, the four-point Wei Han’s pass was taken by the corner of Brent Grimes, in the end area Copy. The pirate team has advanced to Carolina, and Agua is 46 yards cheap jerseys free shipping of charge. The two teams continue to waste their own machine. The black panther team out. The competition entered the fourth quarter wholesale nfl jerseys for sale the last two minutes, the pirate team was advanced, and came to the Black Panther. Before the end of the competition, Aguao’s 38 yards were wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping of charge! The final Tampawan pirate team 17-14 did not kill the Carolina Black Panther team, ending the six-game losing streak on the Blager team.

In terms of data, the black panther quartz Drik Anderson 28 passed 18, 278 yards, 0 reached 2 copies, 1 time lost to the ball. Run Dak Melon – Etis Wen 18 times, advanced 85 yards, 2 to more. The proximal front Greg-Olsen 9 times, 181 yards. External walking of Kelvin – Ben Jie knew 5 times, 70 yards. Pirates Quartz Wei Jie Misi – Winson 30 Biography 18, 219 yards, 1 to 0 copy. Subject to Jaquz-Rogers 30 times, advance 101 yards. External hand Michael – Evans 6 times, 89 yards, 1 to more than one. Two-wheeled show play the ball Roberto-Agua’s free kick 5, the free kick of 8 this season 4.

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