Virgolam aims to become the worldwide most trusted brand in the sector of home decor & architecture and we know that this can only be achieved by providing products and services of the highest commendation. The team of Virgo Group is adamant that we will reach our goal sooner than expected with our hard work, integrity, and commitment.

Virgo Laminates

VIRGOLAM are made of different layers of impregnated decorative papers and kraft papers through the combined action of heat (140°/150° C) and high pressure (< 7 Mpa) for about 30/30 minutes of Heating and cooling. VIRGO Laminates are pure Phenolic/Melamine with uniform & superior sanding ensures best bonding with Substrates.

Virgo Laminates 0.8 mm

Available Sizes: 6’x14’ – 6’x12’ – 5’x12’ – 4.25’x10’ – 4’x10’ – 4’x8’ And with all cut sizes.

Available in 2000+ designs & 250 + Textures.


  • High Pressure Laminates
    1. Decorative Laminates
    2. Post Forming Laminates
  • Performance Laminates
    1. FR Grade Laminates
    2. Chemical Resistant Laminates
    3. Electrostatic Discharge Laminates (ESD)
  • Specialty Laminates
    1. Spot less (Anti fingers)
    2. Synchronized
    3. Unicolor

Compacts Laminates:-

  • Compacts (2 mm to 30 mm)
  • Cubico Restroom Solution)
  • Wall Claddings

Our Categories in Laminates:-

  • Virgo Mica, Virgo Lam
  • Virgo Croma
  • Virgo Corby
  • Virgo Abco
  • Virgo Looks Lam
  • Virgo Hanger
  • Virgo Croma Verona
  • Virgo Cladding
  • Virgo Cubico – Cubicles

Virgo Laminate About

The Virgo Group of companies constantly looks out for innovation and challenges in industry which it meets with its passion to excel in whatever it does. Across all its group companies, it maintains a philosophy of reaching out to perfection, no matter what it takes, whether high-end resources or a superlative manpower.

With a team size of over 3000+ employees, Virgo Group’s employees all over the India continue to work together in a rewarding environment to achieve the objectives the company was founded upon. Long before, there were government-issued regulations concerning the protection of the environment which Virgo Group had already invested in “Environment Friendly” initiatives. These included reforestation programs and elimination of the use of tropical woods and harmful, ozone-damaging chemicals. Weighing its actions on a philosophical pedestal, Virgo today has evolved into a firm that has been generating optimum profit through total satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees and society. A recipient of the ISO 14001 certifications, Virgo Group continues to invest in new technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.


Virgolam presents eco-friendly PVC laminates that can beautify your interiors with its highly attractive prints and finish. Available in myriad designs, colours and textures, these decorative PVC laminates can give a new and chic outlook to any surface. Besides being decorative, PVC sheets by Virgolam are corrosion and weather proof and termite resistant with 90-degree flexibility. Available in 1mm thickness, Virgolam, one of the leading PVC Panel Suppliers offers the Laminates in two broad categories: Sparkling solid and Patterned. Easy to apply on a good quality substrate and easy to clean, the laminates are perfect way to revamp your interior space.