Gurjan Plywood

Gurjan Plywood cannot be replaced, Gurjan is Gurjan” is a common line we hear but when logically is not even close to other face veneer species in terms of Price, Availability and passing Quality tests.  The only factor still working for few is the perception or “Gurjan phrase. If this line has not been a myth, Companies who invested heavily in Myanmar 3-4 years ago would have been running and supplying face. Unfortunately, 9 out 10 are shut who went with a dream called ‘Gurjan’. The face traders in India needed ‘Gurjan’ word to remain in business but unfortunately Indonesia and China too could not fulfill the needs.

19 mm 15 layer plywood - gurjan plywood 710 grade

Amidst struggles and uncertainty for face, Okume emerged as a hope. We at Ply Reporter too believed that a timber that has characteristics like Gurjan is absolutely fit for Plywood making, specially the way Indian market perceives strength with face veneer color. But when Gurjan prices crossed 1300$ this year which was around 700 $, three years ago, that too with almost no availability and very poor timber quality, Gurjan failed itself to be a sustainable face further. That is when we at the Ply Reporter felt the need of strong awareness campaign for new substitute face veneer and began series of seminars on Okoume technical trials in plywood clusters.

What Is Gurjan Plywood? | ZAD Interiors

The cost component of Gurjan in Plywood (if you are lucky to get 1-2 containers) crossed 22-23% that is unviable and unsustainable as it shall remain below 7-8 % as a practice (also because there is no enhancement in strength or durability of the product because of Face). Along with writing about species from P&G, PL, PQ, Makai, Recon etc., the Ply Reporter has also been continuously writing about need of adopting new face to all manufacturers together so that market can shift to a logical, suitable and sustainable face. When we saw that Gabon, has norms to ensure sustainable supply of Okaume to meet India demand for face in tune to 1400 containers a month and big companies entering Gabon SEZ in veneer business, we started awareness seminars for Okaume face veneer that was held in Haryana, UP, Kerala and is scheduled to be held in Punjab. As a result many manufacturers have benefited and many are running their trials.

Hundreds of ply manufacturers have sent massages-calls that trials are reaching to success and retailers too are accepting it. Okoume is directly saving Rs 2 psf and relief from harassment in procurement for all. Sarda Plywood and Green Ply have shifted their entire production to new face specie where as other top brands too have began using Okoume face regularly. Wise ones are shifting because there is need and logic as well. Probably that is why China shifted to Okaume a decade ago but we are still discussing and paying heavy price.

‘Gurjan will remain Gurjan’ but availability? And Price? The introspection must be done. It may be there for a few more months with a few manufacturers but ultimately time has come to use a FACE that justify its price and needs. It is time to be practical and offer sustainable product at affordable and logical pricing. Decision is yours…

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