Get to Know Plybasket

Plybasket Founded By Mr.Saibaba Salgare, In The Year 2020 With an Idea of Selling Plywood, Laminate & Hardware Product’s Online. Products Which are Used By Interior designers,  Carpenters In Making Furniture at Home As Well As Office’s. 

As It was a New to Consumer about Purchasing Plywood Online. Ply basket Opened Physical Store In Hyderabad City, To convenience Them About the Quality of Product’s.

In The Beginning Ply basket Started Receiving Order’s Weekly From around Hyderabad City, Now it Receives order’s From All Over India Every Day. Now In the Year 2023 To Full Fill the Orders Of Customers In just a Matter of Few Minutes. Now Ply basket Provides Online Platform For Retailers (or) Whole-sealers who have Plywood, Laminate as well Hardware stores. Can host their store online to sell to a broader audience. This option is great who want to increase sales.

Now Ply basket Will Work As An eCommerce Market Place For Products like Plywood, laminate & Hardware.

saibaba salgare

Saibaba Salgare
CEO & Founder Ply basket Company

Hey I’m Sai Responsible For Marketing & Product Growth at Ply basket Company. When Free From Work I Enjoy In Doing social Service to Needy 

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Who We Serve

We Service Sellers & Service Providers of Interior Products to Promote Their Products online to Broader Audience Who Are looking to Furnish Home & Offices. 

Our Vision

To Save Consumers as well as Skilled worker’s Valuable Time. In Purchasing Products like plywood, laminate & Hardware.

Why e-commerce online store of Interior Products ?

The reason we’re Focusing on e-commerce is that even Business owners, Sales Team and Operations Managers need Motivation Sometimes.

2020 was a tough year and 2021-2022 seems to follow suit. However, 2023 appears to have overcome the challenges of the previous years, while seeing customers maintain their cashless and online buying habits.

Businesses, even those that recorded major profits, struggled at some point during the year.

It’s not every year, or even every decade, that we wake up in the morning to a pandemic. But Today Online Business Growing Rapidly in Every Sector.

Today, Everybody want to Know about The Products Before they Make Purchase through Online. So We Believe Online Presence is More Important With Complete Product Information.


“In the beginning, e-commerce was really about getting commodity products online as cheaply as possible. Now, we’re moving into the more exciting phase of e-commerce, where it’s all about Interior products for furnishing home & offices.