Alternate Plywood

Alternate plywood is manufactured with alternating layers of red-core-wood (Mahogany) white-core-wood (rubberwood) veneer arranged in alternating layers. This is a premium quality plywood, suitable for craftmen for making sophisticated furnitures. Alternate attracts customers due to its excellent strength and lifelong durability. Alternate hardwoods also have a more complex structure than softwoods. We stock hardwood products in most common thicknesses from 6mm to 18mm, rough sawn or surfaced to your required thickness. Whether it’s yield, color, grade, or specific physical properties you are looking for, we can source the products to fit your needs.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 15mm, 12mm, 9mm, 6mm. Available Size: 8/4, 8/3, 7/4, 7/3, 6/4, 6/3.

Application : Furniture , Interior designing , Modular Kitchen

You might be wondering at the peculiar name of this plywood but there’s a reason to it. The Alternate Core plywood is actually a mixture of yellow and red tinged woods. Owing to this, the plywood has alternate cores of yellow and red wood in cross section. Hence this ply is named as ‘Alternate Core’.

Usually, the manufacturers opt for this ply to get a well balanced plywood which is more durable than softwood plys and costs less than the pure hardwood ones. Thus, if you want the durability of a hardwood ply but aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on plywood, this is an option you can consider.hese days low quality plywood is given a finish or color similar to that of a higher grade plywood. This makes it all the more difficult for not only home owners but also professionals to recognize the quality or grade of plywood, as well. There are commercial plywoods that are available without dipping, marine plywood, plywood’s with dipping, etc. If the commercial plywood is undergoing dipping then it becomes difficult to know the actual grade and quality of plywood. Dipping plywood is a process used to colour the plywood.

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