Aluminium Door Handles

Aluminium Door Handles range of Accessories includes products of unparalleled ergonomics and enhanced durability that offer great aesthetics. All solutions have been carefully chosen and developed as Aluminium Door Handles Systems’s parts, providing our customers with an extensive range of architectural solutions.
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Aluminium Door Handles Bathroom Satin 154 x 41mm

Window and Door Locks

Locks provide security and functionality to systems. In the aluminium industry, the term “lock” is mainly used for doors and sliding systems. In tilt & turn and lift & slide systems the “locks” are known as “mechanisms”.

In case of entrance doors and simple sliding systems, multiple options of locks are available, depending on the level of security and usability required by the user.

Regarding security
The number of locking points is a major security factor. Single point locks and multi point locks (up to 5 for doors, and 4 for simple slidings) as an enhanced security solution are available in the Alumil range.

Locks can also have different types of locking, ranging from hooks, to bolts and pins. .

Regarding functionality:
Roller locks can be used for easy access from the outside without the need of a key. Doors with roller locks can be pushed open and are usually found in commercial applications. Respectively, for domestic applications latch locks are used to allow entrance to key users only Aluminium Door Handles.

Automatic locks can be fitted to ensure the ‘locking’ of the door when pushed closed without the need of turning the key.

Further, automatic mechanisms can be fitted for opening and closing the door sash with the use of a button or a remote. This can be very usefull for applications in areas with users of limited abilities.

Based on the above, Alumil offers a full range of locks, from simple ones to multi point locks with intergrated automations to meet even the highest requirements.

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