BWP Plywoo

BWP grade stands for boiling water proof grade which means the plywood boards with BWP mark are boiling water proof as par standard norms . They can withstand prolonged exposure to water and moisture.

 Century’s BWP Grade plywood is a premium quality product which is made even more exclusive because of the following features:

1. Uniform thickness with minimal core gaps

All our BWP grade boards are manufactured with a uniform thickness, to ensure maximum strength. Strict quality checks are also put in place to ensure that there are minimal core gaps in the boards as these gaps allow the glue to settle and perform better.

2.Reinforced Strength with improved SSR

All our BWP grade plywood boards are manufactured with Strength and Shape Retention (SSR) which denotes the higher load bearing capacity. This manufacturing reinforces the strength of our plywood.

3. Innovative Glue Line Protection making the plywood borer and termite proof

CenturyPly believes innovation is the key to success, which is why we have introduced the all new revolutionary Glue Line Protection technology that, makes it 100% borer and termite proof.

it is a marine grade plywood which is widely used in the construction of furniture that is likely to get prolonged exposure to water and moisture. When treated for anti-warp properties, this kind of plywood can also be dimensionally stable in both dry and wet conditions for the full length of its life. As it is known that it can withstand humidity and moisture for a long period without getting delaminated, it is used in areas where water contact is expected, like kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, it works well for cabinets, utility, under-basin-storage and even for its rooftops, loft and tall units that have high chances for steam and water contact. In the bathroom, it can be used for building wall units and storage units.

BWP plywood is highly durable and can withstand the regular wear and tear for considerable years. It also shows good resistance towards termites and pests when chemically treated with selected preservatives. The genuine marine grade BWP Plywood can be easily identified by its ISI specification number – IS:710. This number denotes that this plywood can withstand 72 hours of boiling water.

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