BWR grade plywood or boiling water-resistant plywood, as the name suggests, is highly water-resistant plywood. It is completely waterproof and is widely used to make furniture for home, office as well as outdoors. BWR plywood is made from phenolic resins.


● As an exterior plywood grade, BWR plywood can be used indoors, outdoors and semi-outdoor purposes with humid conditions.

● BWR plywood’s waterproofing characteristics come from A grade phenolic resins or phenol formaldehyde adhesive used in its manufacturing.

● It can resist water better than the Interior grade MR or moisture-resistant plywood. So, it is generally used for meeting those furniture requirements in the home, where the plywood may be exposed to water, such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture.

● BWR plywood is warp free and has super strong bonding and zero surface core gaps.

● The core layer is treated with various toxicant chemicals using VPI technology that makes BWR a termite proof plywood.

All of these plywoods are strong, durable and last for years. Make your choice after analysing the purpose of your purchase and you are sure to end up with the right type of plywood.