Century Gurjan Plywood

Century Gurjan Plywood – Century ply :When it comes to plywood, CenturyPly is by-far, the undisputed leader with a plethora of award-winning as well as innovative products designed for, the global Indian. The signature plywood products are used extensively in commercial and domestic settings. Centuryply plywood is affordable yet durable and offer unmatched strength and oodles of style to complement modern, urban living.

Centuryply sizes: ply comes in many sizes 8×4 sheet ,7×4 sheet ,6×4 sheet……many interior designers as well carpenters uses 8×4 size sheets Because in making furniture there wont go any wastage

Century ply Thickness : ply comes in many thickness like 19mm,18mm,15mm,16mm,12mm,9mm,6mm,5mm,4mm..interiors and carpenters uses plywood thickness as per the furniture requirement most of 19mm plywood is used in making furniture and with 12mm for panneling work 9mm for back of structure wise versa Century Gurjan Plywood

century plywood made of GLP formula for safety from termite and borer this plywood is termite as well borer proof becuse of glp unique technique

century ply is manifatured in many grades like 710 kgrade as well 303 grade i.e water proof grade they offer a wide array of products to cater to distinct furniture needs. All solutions are created using high quality material sourced exclusively to deliver perfection.

In All over India their are many distributors of century ply so buy century ply from any store for the best price this plywood is in market from last 25 + years its really long lasting durable trust worthy many carpenters intrior designers uses this plywood in making furniture of your dream home in home u can make wardrobes t.v unit crockey unit partition show rack modular kitchen

If you need century plywood u can buy online at www.plybasket.com which is one of the best store for the best price or call to their customer care for suggestions about century ply

century ply


  • AdhesiveBWP grade synthetic resin
  • Gap, Split, Overlap, WarpNegligible
  • Moisture Content (%)8 – 12
  • Glue Shear Strength (GSS)(N)>1450
  • GSS Wet Test (N)> 1200
  • GSS Mycological Test (N)> 1200
  • Preservative TreatmentTwo Tier Treatment:
    1. Glue Line protection (GLP)
    2. Finished panels are treated with ACC (Acid Copperchrome Compound)
  • Specific Gravity)Approx. 0.75
  • Water Absorption (%)< 5
  • WarrantyComes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Pre-pressingFlat panel/balanced surface
  • Face ThicknessThicker face
  • Veneer to Veneer RatioAs per standards
  • Static Bending Strength(N/mm2Modulus of rupture (MOR):Along the grain:> 60Across the grain:> 50Modulus of elasticity (MOE):Along the grain:> 8000Across the grain:> 5000

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