Charcoal sheet

Charcoal sheet is you can say a type of laminate but, it is not exactly a laminate. It is a PVC based material for decorating purpose. Many home owners want to add uniqueness and something different to their home interior, but due to unawareness of materials trending in market, they have to go with traditional material used quite simple and effective material for your home interior and furniture.

Charcoal sheet can be used anywhere in interior part for e.g. sofa back wall, entrance area, bed back paneling, wardrobe, door, partition and you can even use in ceiling also. You can use at wall where there are problems of seepage or leakage; charcoal sheet will not get affected. It is totally termite proof. There are variety of designs, textures, colors and patterns available in charcoal sheet. You can either use full sheet on wardrobe or highlight one part of it. you can say a type of laminate but, it is not exactly a laminate. It is a PVC based material for decorating purpose

Solid PVC Charcoal Sheet, Rs 2950 /piece Mega | ID: 21224131888

The charcoal panel is a relatively novel product. It is sternly made by modern equipment coated with incredible design skills. There are plenty of companies that have been winning incredible appreciation for their charcoal designed wall panels. This is an emerging home interior decor that highlights the wall panels with vibrant hues and coating layers. Nowadays many people are decorating their offices with catchy walls and ceilings. Often it comes in 3D embossed surfaces. It is available as a ready-to-use material for decorating interiors.

Charcoal panels have a wide variety of utilities. Some of its uses are outlined below:

  • Unlimited application in households, healthcare settings, commercial and entertainment industries.
  • It can be readily applied in wardrobes, doors, partitions, display panels, screens and also room dividers.
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