Difference Between Gurjan ply and eucalyptus

Difference Between Gurjan ply and eucalyptus – Plywood prices are mostly on per sq ft basis, for example 18mm plywood is Rs 58 per sq ft. And plywood cost is calculated as Total sq ft X price of plywood (32 x 58 = 1858). There are numbers of factors which decide plywood prices like type of wood core used, faces used & is plywood waterproof or not.

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Difference Between Gurjan ply and eucalyptus Main reason which decides prices is type of wood core used in making plywood. There are some popular wood spices used in manufacturing plywood are Poplar wood, Eucalyptus wood and Gurjan wood.

Better the quality of wood used better the plywood quality will be and better will be its prices. Poplar wood is cheaper as compared to other wood. This wood is available abundantly in northern part of India and most of Indian manufacturers are in Yamanagar Haryana. So prices of plywood manufactured from this wood core is very cheap than other form.

On other hand Eucalyptus wood is hard in nature and it is costlier than poplar wood. This in turn increases the plywood manufacturing cost and price of plywood made from eucalyptus wood core.

And Gurjan wood is best in quality hardwood and costlier than all other wood which used in plywood manufacturing. Gurjan Wood is imported in India from south-east Asian countries which also increases cost of wood. Plywood which is made from this wood core is premium and expensive than all other plywood types available in Indian market.

Types of face veneer used

Face of plywood is taken from high quality wood. In India most of face veneer for plywood is imported from foreign countries. Some of the popular is Gurjan face veneer, okoume face veneeer, keruing face veneer, etc. These face veneer is comes in grades like AA, A, B, C, D & E. Better grade of face veneer is thicker and expensive than inferior grade. Plywood which made of better grade of face veneer looks like wood veneer, stronger and costlier. MR Alternate plywood which has AA gurjan face is expensive to similar type of MR alternate Plywood with C grade okoume face.

Is plywood Waterproof or not

In Waterproof/Marine plywood expensive undiluted phenolic resin is used for gluing cores together instead of Urea formaldehyde resin. This in turn increases prices or cost of plywood.

When you get high price on same type plywood than other vendor, please check for these points. Is really plywood have better quality of wood core and high grade face veneer used? If not than that vendor is asking for extra bucks.

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