Green Ply And Century MDF Board Under the Greenply Foundation, healthcare is recognized as a segment that requires attention. We decided to take necessary steps to address this issue by providing requisite healthcare support to bring about a change in the lives of people around us.

Century Prelam DWR boards are manufactured from High-quality plain Century Prowud MDF DWR boards and the latest international decorative papers.Century Prelam boards have a wide range of shades in pastel and wood grain designs to suit your needs.

Green Ply And Century MDF Board By choosing our products, you get the promise of both quality and longevity. 

Greenply Foundation

Green Ply At Foundation, we strive to bring about a positive change in the society as we tackle widespread issues such as health, education and skill development. Laying emphasis on environmental sustainability as well, our focus extends across all-round development of both nature and mankind.

While taking appropriate steps to ensure development among communities, we strive to uplift society through various programs.

Every individual is born with the right to education and the power to shape their own destiny. While recognizing the significance of the same, we took the responsibility to highlight the power of education among the weaker sections of the society where there was little or no access to schools and colleges.


Balance is the key to maintaining the aesthetics of your interiors without compromising on quality. Bring home Green Marine Grade BWP plywood that comes with higher flexural strength with the ability to withstand extreme climatic variations and weather changes. This waterproof plywood is ideal for internal applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, etc.

25 Years Warranty on Manufacturing Defect.

Century MDF Board

Century MDF Boards are manufactured using high quality agro-wood plantation trees such as eucalyptus, making them environment-friendly. Specifications and Standards Particle Boards and Proplank ,Plain and Prelam Prowud MDF.

Recovered & recycled wood fibers refined using a high energy refiner, machinable to the finest tolerances without chipping.
Ability to take paint & hold screws/nails on surfaces/edges.
Surface is smooth, hard & consistent.
Available in Interior & Exterior Grade.
Application: Furniture, Wall Paneling, Partitions, Interior Furnishing, Ceiling.

What Is MDF?

MDF is traditionally made of wood fibers that have been broken down into residuals, then mixed with wax and resins and heat pressed into dense, durable sheets. A sheet of MDF will be heavy, smooth and even, with a flat surface that can be painted or sealed.

Uses of MDF

MDF is suited to interior use. It doesn’t handle heavy moisture well, so it’s meant to be used on the inside of a building and out of the elements where the fibers could absorb moisture over time.