Green offers a wide range of plywood & blockboard to lay a promising foundation for a perfect home. From moisture-resistant plywood to fire-retardant ones, Green has it all. Made using top-notch technology, such as the 4-press technology and Penta (5) Tech, Green plywood gives maximum precision, the smoothest finish, and high tensile strength to your furniture. Additionally, all Green products also adhere to E1 & E0 emission standards, making them the safest & best plywood for every kind of interior space. 

Green Ply Marine 710 BWP 19mm Plywood

India’s largest interior infrastructure company,  we at Greenply are equipped to offer the best structural products such as plywood, blockboard, flush doors, etc. With innovation and technology at our core, we are always creating products that are made to fit the evolving needs of customers. By choosing our products, you get the promise of both quality and longevity. 

Green Ply Marine 710 BWP 19mm Plywood


Get home the science of plywood, with Green Platinum. Infusing the PEN Technology (Phosphate Enriched Nanoparticle) forms a protective mesh on the surface of plywood as well as inside the layers rendering it two times more fire retardant. Enriched with un-extended BWP resin, Green Platinum is two times as boiling waterproof as regular FR grade plywood. It also confirms to zero emission. But why let it end there? Get 2X the money back with 30 years warranty – that’s a promise of quality at its best.

30 Years Warranty on Manufacturing Defect


Balance is the key to maintaining the aesthetics of your interiors without compromising on quality. Bring home Green Marine Grade BWP plywood that comes with higher flexural strength with the ability to withstand extreme climatic variations and weather changes. This waterproof plywood is ideal for internal applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, etc.

25 Years Warranty on Manufacturing Defect.


With Green BWP blockboard, look no further for your interior solutions. Offering 252 months warranty, this blockboard displays improved resistance to weather and fungus. For all your shutters, shelves, doors, cupboards etc., Green will surely exceed your expectations.

252 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defect


Insurance for furniture, a premium for life. Give your home an enduring touch of protection with Green Club 5 Hundred – a flagship product from the house of Greenply. Infused with anti-bacterial properties, it makes it safe for carpenters and families. What’s more, it comes with 500% lifetime warranty. Should anything happen to your furniture, Greenply stands warranty to compensate for its value, or 5 times the cost of plywood, whichever is lower.

500% Life Time Warranty on Manufacturing Defects