Gurjan plywood 19mm price list, grade of the highest quality is made available to our customers by Nagori Ply Arcade Ltd. This medium hardwood obtained from the Gurjan trees is of good quality and is used to produce ply which has excellent strength and durability.

The ply from Gurjan trees is made by stacking the veneers obtained from the trees one upon the other which is firmly bonded using resins. The Gurjanpl 710 has few other special properties such as toughness, superior strength and texture making furniture designed with this plywood more decorative. It also has the toughness to withstand heat and temperature.This plywood is also borer, termite & fungus proof. The density of this plywood is also high, thereby making sturdy furniture. Gurjanply 710 can be used for exteriors and interiors as it is made waterproof with the addition of Phenol Formaldehyde(PF) resin ISI 710.

Gurjan plywood 19mm price list

Advantages Of Plywood

  • Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Good density
  • Non-splitting qualities
  • Resistance to pest attack and borer
  • Different sizes and thickness
  • Multiple uses
  • Creating curved surfaces
  • Greater square foot coverage
  • Environmentally safe and reduces Deforestation
  • Beauty
  • Cost Advantage

Benefits Of Plywood

  • Plywood looks great
  • Plywood is strong
  • Plywood is durable
  • Plywood is a different weight
  • Plywood comes in different sizes and thickness
  • Plywood covers a much bigger area
  • Plywood doesn’t split easily
  • Plywood is great for curved surfaces
  • Plywood offers more value for your money
  • Plywood is very eco-friendly
  • Mold better
  • Enhance the utilization of the space

Gurjan Plywood Means

Many manufacturers tend to develop plywoods with Gurjan ply as its back and front layer, and core out of low-quality plywood. I However, it isn’t authentic Gurjan .

If every layer including the back, front, and core is crafted from the Gurjan hardwood, it can be called 100% Gurjan Plywood.

Gurjan ply is an imported Ply in our country and is generally not readily accessible.

Features of Gurjan Plywood

  • Excellent durability
  • Fire-safe
  • Excellent holding capacity for nails and screws
  • Resist moisture and microbes
  • Increased resistance
  • Hefty and rigid
  • Good strength to weight proportion
  • Consistent width
  • Uniform size and steadiness