Whilst marine ply isn’t waterproof, it’s a type of plywood which can deal with moisture. Contrary to what you’d expect, marine ply is not in itself waterproof but rather a quality ply made with waterproof glue.

As mentioned earlier, marine ply is highly versatile. The void-free arrangement of wooden ply, as well as the adhesive used, are formulated to aid even water submersion it can be used for almost any purpose that requires the use of this in the interiors as well as exteriors of the home without having to worry about moisture or contact with water.

  • Making boats
  • Putting up a lake platform or a fishing platform
  • Building boat docks
  • Deck
  • Bathroom and kitchen walls and subflooring
  • Planter boxes
  • Gazebos
  • Making outdoor benches
  • Outdoor furniture

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When waterproofing plywood sheets, it’s important to note that all plywood sheets, including marine and birch, are manufactured with the same Type A Phenolic Bond glue line – E0 formaldehyde rating, enabling the ply veneer sheets and core to bond securely together.

What is Marine ply?

It’s very essential for all homeowners to use what is the best material to make a product no matter what the cost be.

Marine plywood is a waterproof ply used in areas where water contact is expected. Areas like shipping industry, factories, etc. and for homes- in kitchen and bathrooms. For a plywood to be water proof plywood, it needs to obey few principles like –

• The Adhesive used to glue veneers must be waterproof.
• Voids i.e. vacuums should strictly be avoided while gluing veneers.
• The face and inside veneers must be of best quality veneers.

Examples include Hoop Pine Plywood meeting Australian Standard AS/NZS 2272; or Pink Marine Ply meeting British Standard BS1088

good quality waterproof plywood will have no effect or changes on performing this test.

Home test to check for marine plywood

They often hand over commercial ply as waterproof or marine ply at the cost of waterproof plywood. To avoid such cheating homeowners can now perform a home test to check if they’ve received waterproof plywood or not.

The Test
Place a piece of given plywood in pressure cooker with sufficient water level (the plywood shall sink inside).
Let minimum of 5-6 whistles to blow. Turn of the stove knob.
On cooling, open the cooker pan and check.

What are the types of Marine Plywood?

The types of marine ply

  • A-A
  • A-B
  • B-B
  • High-density overlay (HDO)
  • Medium density overlay(MDO)
  • The type of wood used to make the inside veneers and faces of the ply
  • The quality of waterproof glue used
  • The absence of voids

Features of Marine Plywood

The distinct features include

  • The ability to retain its integrity even when in contact with water.
  • The special phenolic plastic resin with what the marine plywood is made of renders the surface of the ply waterproof making it moisture resistant.
  • The marine ply sheets feature a smooth and poreless surface that actually prevents water from seeping through to the layers of wood which might cause delamination in the case of an ordinary plywood.
  • It is easier to shape a marine ply because of its ability to maintain its structural integrity.
  • The marine ply also does not bend, snap or break under minor pressure.