Product Description .

Green Club 500 is a flagship product from the house of Greenply. It Should anything happen to your furniture, Greenply stands warranty to compensate for its value, or 5 times the cost of plywood, whichever is lower.

Key Features:

  • Formaldehyde Emission Level: E-0 
  • Boiling Water Proof
  • Penta (5) Technology 
  • CE certified
  • CARB certified
  • Borer & Fungus proof, Anti-Termite Guarantee
  • Vira Shield: Anti Viral + Anti Bacterial
  • Acoustically Effective
  • Partially Fire Retardant
  • Unextended BWP Resin
  • 100% Composed of Core
  • IS 10701 (Structural Grade) certified
  • 15 Layered ply for 19mm

Product Description

What is the price of Gurjan Club Plywood 19MM?

Benefits Of Plywood

  • Plywood looks great
  • Plywood is strong
  • Plywood is durable
  • Plywood is a different weight
  • Plywood comes in different sizes and thickness
  • Plywood covers a much bigger area
  • Plywood doesn’t split easily
  • Plywood is great for curved surfaces
  • Plywood offers more value for your money
  • Plywood is very eco-friendly
  • Mold better
  • Enhance the utilization of the space

Gurjan Plywood Means

Many manufacturers tend to develop plywoods with Gurjan ply as its back and front layer, and core out of low-quality plywood. I However, it isn’t authentic Gurjan .

If every layer including the back, front, and core is crafted from the Gurjan hardwood, it can be called 100% Gurjan Plywood.

Gurjan ply is an imported Ply in our country and is generally not readily accessible.

Features of Gurjan Plywood

  • Excellent durability
  • Fire-safe
  • Excellent holding capacity for nails and screws
  • Resist moisture and microbes
  • Increased resistance
  • Hefty and rigid
  • Good strength to weight proportion
  • Consistent width
  • Uniform size and steadiness