If you want to use the best plywood for home furniture in your living room, we recommend CenturyPly WIN MR or CenturyPly Club Prime.

Furthermore, they come with creative looks and designs that make your space beautiful. However, it is important that the plywood companies in India also bring strength and durability.

Top Plywood Companies In India 2023

1. Century Plywood

The name Century Ply has been in the limelight for a long time. This manufacturer of plywood is known for its quality products and long-lasting ply. Furthermore, it is available in a broad selection of designs, styles, and other options.


  • Century Ply plywood brands are resistant to season change.
  • Waterproof features for wet monsoons.
  • Heatproof during scorching summers.
  • Damage resistant.
  • Immune to wear and tear.

2. Sylvan Plywood

Which company plywood is best for home interiors?

Sylvan plywood manufacturers serve one of the best quality plywood in business. The brand chooses to use the latest technologies and high-tech alternatives to come up with the ply that you need.

Consequently, the Indian plywood company offers strong and durable wood that adds a whole new aesthetic to your place.


  • Resistant to season-change.
  • Highly waterproof materials.
  • One of the top 20 plywood companies in India.
  • Strong products with decent longevity.

3. Green Ply

Which company plywood is best for home interiors?

One more very common plywood brands in India is Green Ply. This best plywood company in India not only gives you looks and strength but also promotes health. That is why, they make planks that are germ-proof.

This plywood India effectively eliminates any virus, bacteria, or fungus that comes in contact. Besides, they are also termite-proof.

So, we can say that Green Ply, with their best plywood, is among the top 20 plywood brands in India.


  • IA quality wood.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-termite features.
  • Least emission levels.
  • Long warranty periods.

4. Austin Plywood

Ply from Austin plywood manufacturers in India comes with a decent period of warranty. Furthermore, products from these plywood factories are quite thick and dense. As a result, they might provide more strength and longevity that other plywood manufacturing companies.

Austin top plywood manufacturer in India comes with anti-termite features as well. These plywood factories in india lather their products with a coating that kills germs and other harmful creatures.


  • IS:710 standard quality.
  • Strong and stable synthetic resin bonds.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Usually made from Eucalyptus wood.

5. National Ply

Be it a wooden cabinet, or a wood-curved door, National Ply can help you with anything. These plywood manufacturers in india usually make their ply using hardwood or pinewood. Like others in the list of plywood industries in india, this too comes with special abilities to make your experience memorable.


  • Strong materials, most likely Meghalayan pinewood or, hardwood.
  • Marine plywood resistant to boiling water.
  • Smooth surface resistant to humidity.
  • Flexible and compressible to some extent.

7. Kajaria Ply

top 20 plywood companies in India, known for its premium quality plywood brands.
Kajaria Ply has become one of the leading plywood companies in India by prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction.
The brand offers a wide range of plywood products made using superior-quality raw materials and undergoes a stringent manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality.


  • Wide range of plywood products for various applications
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Consistent quality through a stringent manufacturing process
  • Customer-centric approach with a focus on innovation and satisfaction

8. Merino Ply

Merino Ply – top plywood brands in India. The brand uses superior quality raw materials and undergoes a strict manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality. Merino Plywood is also recognized for its exceptional resistance to water and termites, which makes it a suitable choice for applications in environments with high moisture content. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of sizes and types of plywood to cater to different customer needs, including decorative veneers and fire-retardant plywood.

The brand’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has also contributed to its success as one of the top plywood brands in India.


  • Highly resistant to fungal and insect attacks
  • Uniform thickness and flatness for easy installation
  • Suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications
  • Easy to work with and can be cut and shaped to fit specific needs
  • High load-bearing capacity