Are you searching for good quality plywood for your home interior from reputed plywood brands or manufacturers and confused about which brand to select?

We are already covered various types of plywood and their grades. But knowing all these things is not enough when picking plywood from the market. Simply knowing some well-known plywood brands will help you to go and pick good quality ply undoubtedly.

There are many plywood brands operating in the market and most of them are from the unorganized sector. What I observed in the market is that some ply sellers misguide their customers to sell their products, depending on the profit margin they get. So, knowing some ply brands definitely help you to select the better one.

Apart from the below-listed plywood companies, there are some new plywood manufacturers that are selling good quality ply, but it is difficult for a customer to judge good quality if you are not purchasing from a reliable source.

Plywood Brands In India

1-Century Ply

Century plyboards India Pvt. Ltd. is founded in the year 1986 and is the mother concern of Centuryply . Bollywood celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan endorsed the brand & recently Nana Patekar is the Brand Ambassador of CenturyPly.

The plywood is available in various price ranges according to its features, quality, and durability. The century ply and block boards available in the market are Century Sainik MR, Century Sainik 710, Century bond 710, Century club prime, and century architect ply. All the plywood covers different warranty periods.

2-Green ply

Greenply is another dominant player in the ply market. It has almost 50 branches all across India and more than 15,000 dealers, sub-dealers and retailers spread out in every corner of the country.

It has a wide range of plywood products like Green platinum, Green club plus 700, Green Club 500, Green 710 , Green Gold Platinum, Green gold, Green optima-G, Green Eco-tech 710, Green Eco-tech MR, Green Jansathi, many varieties of blockboard and some other specialty ply. Apart from ply, it comes with some other products like laminates, natural veneers, engineered veneers, flush doors, WPC doors, WPC door frames, PVC doors (green endure), etc.

3-Austin Plywood

Austinply is established in the year 2006 and it is most popular in the eastern and northeast states of India. It is opening another plant in Lukhnow and rapidly expanding its business throughout India. Its wide dealer network in some areas and the quality of the product make it popular among people.

It has a product line of ply and blockboard in the brand name like Austin Platinum plus, Austin Club plus, Austin Marine Gold.

4-Saburi Plywood

Saburi is another new ply manufacturer in India and growing fastly. It’s maintaining its quality and hence gaining popularity among the users.


Greenpanel is established in the year 2010 and listed at NSE and BSE in 2019. It turned into a 1000cr company in 2020 and has dealers’ and retailers’ networks all around India.

In plywood Green panel maintains product lines like Greenpanel club ply, Greenpanel BWP plywood, Greenpanel MR ply, Greenpanel Gold BWP ply, Greenpanel accurate 710 ply, GPRO 710 plywood, GPRO MR ply, and in blockboards it has, Greenpanel BWP blockboard, Greenpanel MR blockboard.

Apart from ply, it has other products like Greenpanel club HDF, MDF, Greenpanel Veneers, Greenpanel flooring, and doors.


Kitply is one of the oldest and most renowned names in the ply Industry. In the late 80s and early 90s, Kitply is one of the top ply manufacturers in India. Even in today’s time, I have seen in many cities and areas, that it is the top-selling ply brand. Due to certain reasons like less dealer network, and fierce competition it lacked its considerable presence gradually.