BWR grade plywood is costlier than commercial and MR grade plywood, but is sure to last longer and cost effective in terms area where it is gonna be used.

The type of plywood you use in your kitchen or bathrooms can greatly improve the longevity of your space. Use this list to find out which is the best option for your home.


Plywood further vary in thickness and sizes too. Plywood vary from 4mm to 19mm thickness.

Waterproof plywood or Marine plywood (BWP and BWR) is available in varied thickness i.e. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and more.

Commercial plywood varies from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 19mm thickness.

Formerly there was a standard price list followed but that was because there were only 2-3 manufacturing units in India. Therefore there was no much of plywood type variation and pricing was standard. The cost of plywood will therefore vary with type of veneer, its composition, size thickness, brand and quality too.

19mm Plywood

19mm Commercial Plywood

An 19 mm plywood cost varies from state to state too. Like the same plywood coming from South and Jamnagar, the cost will vary by 15% to 20%. You usually will find plywood coming from South of India to be cheaper.

To give you a rough idea-

Non-branded plywood cost will range somewhere form Rs.40 to Rs. 65 per sq. ft.

Branded plywood cost will vary from Rs. 75 to Rs. 80 per sq. ft.

Buy good quality Plywood

With increase in manufacturing units, there are loads of brands of plywood easily available in market which are cheaper than domestic brands. We suggest home owners to take care while buying such cost effective products. Always opt for brands or plywood having BIS certification or ISI mark plywood. Plywood with such trademarks are sure to be of good quality.

Always buy a type of plywood on basis of its application. Like commercial plywood or MR grade can be used for furniture in living rooms, bed room, study room, etc. where water contact is no expected. While for wet areas i.e. where water contact is expected kitchens and bathroomBWR grade (boiling water resistant) plywood shall be used.

5 Types of Plywood: Grades & Prices for Your New Project

Available in various types of finishes, plywood has a huge variety of uses like flooring, roofing, wall sheathing, cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, and also DIY projects.

5 Types of Plywood:- In this guide, we will be discussing the various types of plywood so that you can choose the right one for your project and save time, as well as money.

1) Softwood Plywood

Commonly made of spruce, pine, cedar, redwood, fir, or Douglas fir, softwood plywood is used for industrial and construction purposes for roof sheathing, sub-flooring, and exterior frames.

Typically, softwood plywood is not suggested for outdoor use. Although it’s a sturdy and strong material, it doesn’t have the qualities that make it weather resistant for outdoor applications.

2) Hardwood Plywood

Made of the wood from dicot trees like maple, oak, birch, beech, mahogany, walnut, etc. Hardwood plywood has around 3 to 7 layers of wood that are glued together at right angles, offering an extremely strong finish.

Characterized by excellent stiffness strength and resistance to creep, hardwood plywood is used for applications like furniture, sporting equipment, packing cases, musical instruments, and other projects that need strong and sturdy frames.

3) Flexible Plywood

This is usually used for making curved parts, following the practice of furniture making that goes back to the 1850s. It usually comes in at 1/8 inch or 3/8 inch thickness instead of 1/2 inch.

Typically aircraft plywood such as Baltic birch is usually made from 3 or more plies with a 3-ply mahogany bendy board or wiggle board having a very thin central ply of cross grain and 2 exterior plies, either cross grain or long grain.

4) Marine Plywood

Manufactured using core veneers and a durable face, marine plywood performs better in wet and humid conditions and can resist fungal attacks and delaminating better.

The construction of the marine plywood allows you to make use of it in places where it is exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

5) Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) & Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Plywood

This plywood is commonly used for both interiors, as well as exteriors. The plywood is water resistant, which makes it suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

It’s commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, where there is a lot of exposure to water. Because of its waterproof nature, the plywood is also used for staircases and exterior wall cladding.