Plywood for kitchen has become a necessity in every household today. A perfect fit for various applications, plywood for kitchen boards have indeed opened up a new horizon of wood crafts. Be it the construction or the furniture, home owners have been relying heavily on plywood boards.

Century Ply Plywood for Kitchen

Century Ply plywood for kitchen boards are considered a superior alternative to solid for multiple reasons. Not only do they display better strength and durability, our plywood for kitchen boards are also resistant to termites and borers. We offer the best plywood for kitchen- our BWP grade waterproof plywood is the perfect plywood for kitchen that can withstand water exposure for prolonged hours without showing any signs of damage. From construction to interior décor, CenturyPly’s plywood for kitchen boards have become the first choice of homeowners across the country. 

Despite the popularity, not everyone is aware of plywood in its entirety. Worry not! It is not daunting as it may look. Here’s some help for you to pick the best plywood boards for your kitchen.

Hence, simply using solid wood for cabinets and other kitchen spaces would not do any good. CenturyPly diverse range of plywood is every homeowner’s prime choice because of its high strength and better performance in damp and wet conditions, making it the best plywood for kitchen area.

Here is a list of Century Ply plywood boards that you can use in the kitchen, without worrying about damage or rotting:

1. BWP Grade or Waterproof Plywood

BWP grade plywood stands for Boiling Water Proof plywood, which is known to be completely water resistant. As this board can withstand prolonged exposure to water, BWP plywood becomes an obvious choice when you are looking for a suitable plywood for your kitchen. Similarly, Marine Grade Plywood is also one of the prime plywood choices, which is being used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. This plywood board is popular among consumers for its superior performance in wet and damp conditions.

2. MR Grade or Commercial Plywood

MR grade plywood stands for moisture resistant grade. However, this plywood is not waterproof, but uses a waterproof glue which makes it work just fine in wet and damp conditions. Waterproof plywood doesn’t allow the board to delaminate and hence can be used in spaces like the kitchen.
With MR grade, we provide ideal solutions of plywood for kitchen as well using innovating technology like borer and termite proof, warranty close to 5 years and a CenturyPromise guarantee. It comes with optimum strength and durability with superior quality hardwood timber used in the product. 

3. Firewall Technology Plywood

As the name suggests, it is a fire-resisting non-leachable plywood from the house of CenturyPly that saves you and your belongings in case of fire accident! Since kitchens are a place where fire comes as a necessity. Firewall technology in plywood for kitchen from CenturyPly is the ideal solution, due to its less flammability, low rate of burning, and delayed flame penetration time, provides ‘safety’ and ‘security’ by delaying the fire to spread. Mainly, firewall technology in Century Ply products is used for both interior and exterior applications, like kitchens, food stalls, hospitals, offices, exhibition stalls, auditoriums, ship interiors, container construction, etc.

What Exactly Is Plywood And What Are Its Benefits?

This results in the creation of a single thick, flexible, uniform board/flat sheet.

It is considered as the most sought-after material for modular kitchens in urban homes and apartments (mostly for cabinets) because:

  • It is comparatively cheaper than solid wood but retains its natural beauty and high quality. However, it is costlier than MDF. Check out the difference between MDF and plywood here. 
  • It is versatile as it is available in multiple thicknesses, finishes, grades and types with add-on laminates and wood veneer.
  • It is eco-friendly and convenient to use as it can be recycled, so there is minimum wastage.  
  • It is heat- and moisture-resistant and is also able to withstand heavy load and friction.
  • It is durable, flexible and long-lasting as it is strong and does not shrink or crack easily in varying temperatures.

Which Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchen In India?

While this question seems too basic, it is still an important one since the type of kitchen plywood designs you choose depends upon multiple factors like weight, colour, temperatures and associated air conditions it is exposed to, etc.

Here are some of the most popular plywood types for modular kitchens available in the market today:

  • Commercial/Moisture-Resistant Plywood: It is cheaper than BWP and BWR plywood; durable, fungus-resistant, impact-resistant, moisture-resistant but not waterproof; ideally can be used in kitchen cabinets that are far away from any water sources.  
  • Boiling Waterproof (BWP) Plywood: It can withstand exposure to water for longer periods and at varying temperatures; is of high quality, more expensive than commercial plywood and BWR plywood. This is the best plywood for modular kitchens.  
  • Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Plywood: It is resistant to steam and water; is of high quality, more expensive than commercial plywood, sturdy but of a lower grade than BWP.
  • Laminated Plywood: Laminated plywood for modular kitchens is basically plywood that has a laminate film applied to either one or both the sides of the raw plywood substrate; chemical-resistant, moisture and water-resistant, long-lasting and durable; laminates for plywood are available in different designs and colours.  
  • Firewall/Fire Retardant Plywood: It is non-leachable, has a low rate of burning and so delays the fire to spread, and provides more safety. 
  • Marine-Grade Plywood: It is the most superior grade of plywood; water-resistant and water-proof.
  • Softwood Ply: It is weaker, softer and lighter; less durable, quicker to burn, easier to carve, less expensive.
  • Hardwood Ply: It is stronger, harder and heavier, highly durable, slower to burn, difficult to carve, more expensive 
  • Calibrated Ply: It makes the kitchen look more visually appealing and aesthetic; it has maximum precision.  

What Are The Most Common Plywood Sizes And Thicknesses Available In India?

  • Plywood Sizes: 8 ft by 4 ft, 6 ft by 4 ft. (required plywood size for modular kitchens)
  • Plywood Thickness: Half an inch.

Some of the best plywood for Indian modular kitchens are listed below.

  • Marine Plywood
  • Moisture Resistant Plywood 
  • Boiling Water-Resistant Plywood
  • Medium-Density & High-Density Fibreboards
  • Fire-Retardant Plywood

We’re also looking forward to seeing your modular kitchen transformation journeys in the comment box below. Good luck!