Gurjan Plywood Sheet is referred to as the premium quality, extra strong, and durable plywood made from wood veneers of Gurjan trees seen mostly in south-east Asian countries. Gurjan Plywood stays exceptional among different grades of Plywoods due to the extraordinary features it exhibits.

What is Gurjan Plywood

Gurjan Plywood Sheet It is made from sheets of wood (veneers) obtained from Gurjan trees. The veneers are then piled together and binded using resins. 

Some manufacturers tend to produce Plywoods with Gurjan Plywood as its front and back layer, and core out of a lower quality plywood. It is difficult to identify this malpractice at first glance because all the plywoods are made similarly by attaching several layers of plies. However, This is not authentic Gurjan Plywood. 

If only all the layers including core, front and back are made of the Gurjan hardwood, it can be called as authentic 100% Gurjan Plywood. 

Qualities Of Gurjan Plywood

  • Uniform size and steadiness 
  • Consistent width 
  • Good strength to weight proportion
  • Hefty and rigid
  • Increased resistance 
  • Resist moisture and microbes
  • Great holding capacity for screws and nails
  • Fire safe
  • Durability