Telescopic channel/runner, also known as a drawer runner/channel is generally used in drawers, which are used for storing things. Take into consideration any obstacles inside the cabinet, such as nailers or stretchers, as well as whether your drawers are full inset or overlay. Full inset drawers will reduce the maximum depth of the drawer. Typically, side-mount ball-bearing slides should be the same length as the drawer box.

About this item

  • Hafele soft closing ball bearing telescopic channel
  • Weight capacity 40kg
  • Size – 35 mm -14 inch
  • Bright zinc plated
  • No sound while closing smooth and soft closing

Hefele, an international company providing hardware and fitting systems, electronic locking systems along with Kitchen Appliances, lights, Kitchen sinks and faucets and surfaces has a long and rich history that began in 1923. Today customers from 150 countries rely on expertise and performance of Hefele. Quality and service based on German standards, proximity to the business partners and high corporate dynamism are what has allowed Hafele to grow steadily and become a world-class company

Hafele Telescopic channel Drawer Slide Regular 25kg, 30kg, 45kg Regular provides added convenience by way of better accessibility and organization of contents within a cabinet. Häfele offers you a wide range of drawer runners that cater to varying load capacities as per your individual requirements. We provide you the most preferred technologies worldwide in drawer systems such as ball-bearing runners and tandem motion runners through this range. We also offer you the possibility of installing single-extension drawers or full-extension drawers depending on your specific need for accessibility.

Telescopic Channel/Runner. Introduction

Hafele Drawer Channel Price

Telesopic channel/runner also known as a drawer manner channel is generally used in drawers, which are

uned for storing things. It is a small device which helps to simplify fluid motion while the drawer is dosed

and operied. The telescopic channel/runner is integrated with a small set of wheels which are attached to the

external sides of the drawer

Drawers need telescopic channel/manner for smooth functioning they smoothen the opening and closing function of drawers • Telescopic channel/runner are made from different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic •There are three types of telescopic channel/munnelight duty channel/runner medium duty channel/runner

and heavy duty channel/runner.

owing to increased demand for telescopic channel/runner in the residential and commercial sector

Global Telescopic Charmel Runner Market Dynamics

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Global Telescopic Channel/Runner Market: Key Drivers The increasing usage of ATM machine gaming machines, ticket machines, and food and drink dispensing

Hafele Drawer Channel Price

boost the telescopic channel/runner market in the coming years The growing demand for telescopic channel/runner from the residential sector due to the increasing consumer preference to design modular kitchens coupled with rising disposable income of consumers is

expected to propel the telescopic channel manner mark