Hettich Soft Close Door Hinges are a premium alternative to our normal range of hinges. The hinges are made in Germany which means they are produced to the highest standard of workmanship. Rest assured these hinges will last the test of time with Hettich Lifetime Warranty.

Soft-close hinges are backed with a hydraulic mechanism so that whenever a door is closed with force, the mechanism takes over and makes the door close gently and silently. If you don’t like the abrasive sound that a cabinet door makes while closing, then soft-close hinges can be your perfect option.

Hettich Soft Close Hinges “0” & “8” Crank

Here are Some of their Benefits:

  • Extend the life of the cabinet: With soft-close hinges, you can reduce the amount of wear & tear that can put on your kitchen cabinets. This will extend the functioning life of your cabinets, and you do not have to spend expenses on the repair of your doors.
  • Installing these hinges will ensure peace and quietness in your daily routine, and you no longer have to hear a door slamming again. 
  • Safety: If you have children at your home that keep running around, opening and closing every door they can get their hands on, then soft-close hinges can be your ideal investment. The hinges make the door close slowly and gently, eliminating the chances of injuries and ensuring a safe environment for your little ones. 
  • Beautiful appeal: The hinges, along with offering excellent functionality, also provide a beautiful appeal to your kitchen cabinets. You can get these hinges in different finishes, sizes, and designs that can amazingly well with the overall look of your cabinet doors.

Self-Close Hinges

The door is more likely to make a sound when it contacts the frame.

With these hinges, you can ensure the closing of the cabinet doors even with the slightest push. Sometimes you may have been in a situation where you push a cabinet door close and when you come around, find the door hanging in between its closing position. Self-closing hinges can help you avoid such situations.

Soft Close Hinges About

Hettich Soft Close Hinges “0” & “8” Crank

Hinges are essential hardware that every door, irrespective of its size, needs to function efficiently. If you have a picture in your mind that all the hinges work the same way, then you may have made a mistake. A vast range of hinges for cabinet doors available in the market differs based on their size, finish, design, quality, and functionality. This means that each hinge offers unique functionality to the cabinet door and makes it highly critical for you to choose the right hinge for your cabinet door. The hinges may appear to you as the least visible part of any cabinet, but the cabinet’s entire functioning depends on them.

Renovating your kitchen is not something that you do every other day, and hinges are the pieces of hardware that do not require frequent replacement. Therefore, whenever you go searching for the right hinges for cabinet doors, identify your requirements first. 

To help you choose the perfect hinges for your kitchen cabinets, we are here discussing the two popular hinges that most people go for, and they are