As described, the most common size for a sheet of plywood is 4 x 8 feet. Hardwood plywood is also available in sizes 2 x 2 feet, 2 x 4 feet, and 4 x 4 feet. Utility plywood is available in sheets that are longer, measuring 4 x 10 feet

Thickness — Nominal and Actual

Is plywood exactly 4×8?

There are several variations available when it comes to plywood thickness, which can have an effect on your project. Thickness of plywood ranges from 1/8 inch all the way to 1 ¼ inches. However, bear in mind that those numbers do not actually represent the actual thickness of the plywood.

Sanding of the wood, which takes place during manufacturing, can remove up to 1/32 inch of material from the plywood sheet. So, for example, a plywood sheet with a thickness of 3/8 inch really has a thickness of 11/32 inch.

The standard thicknesses for plywood are 1 ¼, 1 1/8, ¾, 5/8, ½, 3/8, ¼, and 1/8 inches. The corresponding actual thicknesses are 1 ¼, 1 1/8, 23/32, 19/32, 15/32, 11/32, 1/4, and ⅛, respectively. This takes into the effect of sanding throughout the process of manufacturing the plywood for each of these sizes.

Size Tolerances

Plywood is made from placing multiple layers of wood together and adhering them using glue. The wood grain of every individual layer is placed perpendicular to the next layer. The outside layers of every sheet determine the grade of the plywood. In some cases, this could mean that the outside layer also determines the use of the plywood. Sanded plywood, which is considered top grade, has an outer layer that is free of any kind of defects. It is made of high-quality softwood or hardwood.

Many top-level cabinetmakers and builders prefer this type of plywood for its high-quality and appearance. The size tolerances for this type of plywood, particularly for thickness, are smaller than those of plywood that is utility-grade. The tolerance for thickness that is utility-grade is 1/32 inch. The size tolerance for plywood that is cabinet-grade is 1/64 inch.

Purchasing the Right Plywood For Your Project

Is plywood exactly 4×8?

Your particular project will dictate the size and type of the plywood you need. For example, if you are building a doghouse or coating subfloors, you will want to use softwood plywood, which is made from cedar, redwood or pine and comes in sizes that range from 4 x 8 feet to 5 x 5 feet.

If you are looking to use lumber core plywood, say when making a cabinet or building a closet, the panels will likely be 18 mm thick. This plywood is made of three layers with hardwood on the outer layers and basswood on the inner layer.

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