Ebco Tandom Box

Ebco Tandom Box Make your kitchen resonate with class and style that define your personality and home. Furnish it with modern, easy-to-use cabinets and shelves, which make cooking easy and convenient. Install sensor activated lights that illuminate cabinets and create a beautiful ambience. Ebco Tandom Box With such a comfortable kitchen, cooking will cease to be a task. Buy kitchen accessories online and transform your kitchen effortlessly. The perfect recipe for Happy Kitchens.

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Tandem Box in Bengaluru, Karnataka | Get Latest Price from Suppliers of Tandem  Box in Bengaluru

Select from the perfect storage options, convenient and utilitarian additions that are easily available on our kitchen accessories online store. Keep your kitchen well equipped with additional shelves and racks for easy access to utensils, lids and ingredients. Shop for all that you need from the comfort of your home. Just click and order. As simple as that. 

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Enjoy online shopping for modular kitchen fittings and accessories like Premium Kitchen Pantry Unit, Kitchen Drawer Systems, Kitchen Baskets, Under-Sink Drawer Tray and many more. Smart solutions that make every inch of the kitchen space count, now available at your fingertips. Furnishing your kitchen was never so easy.

Tandem boxes are used in modular kitchens which have special sliding mechanism. They are drawers in the form of containers that are used for storage purposes. Tandem boxes come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes and they come in concealed form for metal drawers and openers. They can also be used for heavy drawers and pull outs.

Tandem boxes are perfect for storing all the consumables in one single place, also allowing you access to them exactly where you are instead of having to look around for stuff here and there. The best thing about tandem boxes is that they allow you to arrange all your consumables in one location and all of these are easily within your reach.

Tandem boxes serve as the perfect drawer for storing your kitchen essentials in the most organized manner. They are simple, sophisticated and highly functional. Those who want to incorporate a minimalist design in the kitchen yet keep it stylish, convenient and comfortable, Tandem boxes are the right answer for them! In all modular kitchens, tandem boxes are the number one equipment that adds to the comfort factor as well as the glam factor in the kitchens.

These boxes may have several divisions for all the kitchen provisions including the grocery, spices and other knickknacks. You can neatly organize even the plates and utensils used for everyday cooking in the kitchen with the help of these awesome looking and super functional tandem boxes. A tandem box allows for storing of plates in the plate holder inside the drawer. They certainly do save your kitchen from a lot of clutter.

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