gurjan plywood 710 grade

Gurjan Plywood, 710- Grade,B.W.P boiling water proof plywood

plybasket plywood is one of the best plywood in industry it is widely used by carpenters and interior decorators to make furniture it is gurjan plywood 710 grade branded plywood

plybasket gives u guarantee of quality. our plywood can be used in interior as well for commercial purpose we give 15+ years of grantee to our product it is a termite and borer free product

plybasket plywood comes in many sizes and thickness

19mm plywood

16mm plywood

9mm plywood

6mm plywood

8×4 plywood

8×3 plywood

6×4 plywood

6×3 plywood

plybasket manufactures all kind of plywood which are used for making  furniture like water proof,commercial,gurjan plywood,block board

Types of plywood

Gurjan plywood

water proof plywood

commercial plywood

hardwood plywood

rubber wood plywood

Types of grade

710 – grade plywood

303 -grade plywood

B.W.P -grade plywood

Types of layers of plywood

plywood layers also depends up on the thickness of plywood as well it depends up on quality

19mm plywood comes in 13 layer as well 15 layer plywood

12mm plywood comes in 8 layers

9mm plywood comes in 6 layrs

6mm plywood comes in 5 layers

plywood is made of many trees it depends up on the quality of plywood which is made from and the layers as well bonding material used in making plywood

In today’s market their are so many brands in plywood but our product is one of the best plywood because we maintain standard in quality of our product our technical team works hard in making a best quality plywood

This Indian Standard ( Third Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on 21 Decem- ber 1989, after the draft finalized by the Wood Products Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. Indian Standard Specification for commercial ( common ) and moisture proof plywood ( tentative ) ( IS 303 : 195 I ) published in 1951. This was subsequently revised in 1960 and 1975. This is the third revision of the standard and in this revision, care has bee&%&p to utilize the depleting wood resource judiciously. In the second revision of the standard, namely, IS 303 : 1975 provided for four grades of plywood based on the type of adhesive used and ten types of plywood depending upon the visual features of face and back thus making a total of as many as 40 classes of plywood. In this revision, BWR and CWR grades are deleted and the WWR is replaced by moisture resistant or MR grade with temperature of water under normal atmospheric pressure in which test piece shall be immersed brought down to 60 f 2°C from 70 f 2°C. This revision deletes face ‘A’ and ‘D’ quality-of plywood, and retains face ‘B’ and ‘C’ now renamed as ‘A’ and ‘B’ thereby permitting in all 3 types of plywood based on appearance. In the formulation of this standard, due weightage has been given to international coordination among standards and practices prevailing in different countries in addition to relating it to practices in the field in this country. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressingthe result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values ( revised )‘.

ply basket plywood Product Details:

Shape Rectangular
Thickness 18 mm
Grade Marine Grade
Glue Used MR & PF
Core Material Rubber & Eucalyptus
Moisture Content 5-6%
Wood Type Hardwood
specific gravity Above 0.5
swelling in water Less than 1%
Brand Gurjan Elite
Is It Termite resistant Termite resistant
Packaging Sheet
Glue adhesion test MR 3 cycle imrsn test

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