Plywood typically comes in three-, five-, or multi-ply, with three-ply being the most common. Three-ply is strong, durable, and looks more decorative than other styles. Five-ply is stronger than three-ply, while multi-ply is strong enough to be used for exterior projects, like roofing.


Soft plywoods is made from pine, redwood, or cedar, among other softwoods. They are suitable for exterior frame and roof sheathing and subflooring. Softwood can also be used for sheds, temporary flooring, and shelving. This type of wood is typically not recommended for outdoor use. While it’s a strong material, it lacks the necessary weather-resistant qualities for outdoor work.


Hardwood plywoods has between three and seven layers of birch, maple, oak, walnut, or other types of hardwood. They are glued together at right angles to ensure a strong finish and can be used for furniture, packing cases, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and other items that require strong frames.


Aircraft plywood is the most durable type available. It uses hardwoods to create strong boards that can resist heat and moisture. Aircraft plywood is made of very thin veneers, which keep it light and flexible while providing significant strength. As such, it is suited for making airplanes, boats, and furniture meant to hold heavy weights.


Made with weather- and water-resistant glue, exterior plywood is designed to withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions for many years. Exterior plywood is typically multi-ply for additional strength. In some areas, it is made of particularly hard woods, like oak, to stand up to harsher climates.

Lumber Core

Lumber core Plywoods is composed of two thin veneers of hardwood that sandwich a thick core of a solid slab made from glued-together strips of wood. This core can easily grasp screws, making it a good choice for projects that require these fasteners, but the core can sometimes contain voids that make it weaker.


Marine Plywood is varnished with water-resistant exterior glue that helps it repel water. While not entirely waterproof, this plywood can stand up to moderate moisture. It is made of western larch or douglas fir wood and is one of the highest quality types of plywoods available. For it to qualify as marine plywood, it cannot have any knotholes. Marine plywood is ideal for outdoor furniture and decorative elements, like planters or benches.


If you’re looking for a more decorative Plywood consider overlaid boards. Overlaid boards contain the same plies as other types of plywoods but are finished with a thin veneer of ornamental wood on top. In addition to looking more beautiful, this veneer creates a durable surface that can resist water, scratches, and other damage.


Structural plywood, also known as sheathing Plywood can be used to strengthen framing and building structures that will be covered at a later time. It is made with a strong adhesive and can be used indoors or outdoors, though it is not as weather resistant as other types.

Purchasing Your Plywood

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