Century Plywood

Century Laminates and Century Plywood use specially designed Nanoparticles based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism, for manufacturing of its plywoods and laminates. These particles are by nature, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral. This technology has been branded as ViroKill. The highly activated and energized Nanoparticles physically rupture and kill microbes in contact with it through contact killing mechanism keeping the surface always safe and hygienic.

Century Brown Gurjan Plywood Board, Laxmi Enterprise | ID: 13469025788
Century Plywood Buy century plywood in Nagpur Maharashtra India from Jain  Doors & Plywoods

Century Plywood



Borer & Termite Proof

Boiling Waterproof

Warp & Bend Proof

Superior Strength: 19mm century 710 bond plywood Century Plywood

Nanoparticles are eective throughout the lifetime of the furniture as
they are embedded in the polymer matrix system. Unless and until the
surface is not chemically and physically damaged, the eects of ViroKill
won’t be depleted.
While, a) The test certies killing of 99.99% virus b) It is about virus
which is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA Virus close to COVID-19
Virus as a category and c) There are many published scientic papers
and reports available which support that the specic nanoparticle
being used in manufacturing is strongly eective against many viruses,
however, there is no test specically available, as of now, for materials to
be tested for COVID-19. Hence,
CenturyLaminates & CenturyPly is not in a position to claim that it can
be used as a form of any protection against COVID-19.
What products of
CenturyPly &
will be using this
Is Virokill certified by any
independent agency ?
What is ViroKill and how
does it work?
Does ViroKill work against
CenturyVeneers will be using this in.

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