plywood in Hyderabad

plywood plywood comes in man sizes as well in different quality’s ply plywood sizes are 19mm 12mm 9mm 6mm and price range from Rs 20 to 150 per sqft

Buy plywood online from www.plybasket.com for best price and for best quality wood range starts from Rs 20 to Rs 150 per sqft plywood is useful in making furniture at home like wardrobes beds kitchen and many more there are so many brands in plywood which is made from many different quality’s as well as in many sizes

Plywood has picked up a wonderful position in the market. We are an organization based firm. The head quarter of our association is situated at Anantapur Andhra Pradesh,(India). Utilizing the aptitudes of our qualified group of experts, we are instrumental in exchanging and retailing a wide combination of Ply, Block Board, Door, Veneer.What’s more, our quality controllers thoroughly look at the entire scope of items against a few quality parameters keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee its impeccability.
Plywood is a built wood item produced using at least three ‘utilizes’ or thin sheets of wood. These are stuck together to frame a thicker, level sheet. We are the top most provider of Ply Board largely valued in the market for their optimum quality, durability and advanced variety.

WOOD (MR & BWR Grade Plywood)
The Product is with conformation to IS:303
wood is available in MR & BWR types. Made from the high density selected hardwood species.100% Composed Core.
Each and every layer is treated with Boric & Borax solution and every layer is glue Line poisoned to ensure complete protection from insects.
The inner core and outer surface are made from superior quality wood and is bonded by Urea Formaldehyde resin in MR grade and Phenol Formaldehyde resin in BWR grade.
The plywood has strong screw holding capacity and is extra resistant to moisture, water, borer and external weather conditions.

  *Screw holding strength normal to faceAbove 250 kg.
  *Specific gravity0.6-0.7
  *Bending strength kg/Cm.Above 400 kg
  *Nail bolding strength normal to faceAbove 60 kg
  *Fire resistanceQuite high.
  *Swelling in wateLess than 1%
  *Sum of the Tensile strength in both
    the Directions
600 kg/Cm
  *Moisture content8-12%

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