plywood for home interior work

Plywood For Home Interior work is Gurjan plywood. which is used by interior decorators and carpenters for making furniture like wardrobes in Bedroom T.v unit partition show rack and many other use full furniture in home

Gurjan plywood which comes in many qualities like 13 layer and 15 layer in plywood market many plywood for home interior work comes from this qulity with many different brand names. we suggest u to buy red core plywood when plywood is cut in two halfs powder which falls on ground should be red in colour and its layer colour should change when water is applied on it. So when ever you buy plywood for your home purpose please check Does its color changes or not if it’s colour changes then it is gurjan plywood

Gurjan plywood is water proof plywood with 25 years guarantee at any stage gurjan plywood is up to 10 years it will be 100% in good condition it comes in many sizes and thickness like 19mm , 16mm, 12mm,09mm,06mm and sizes are 8*4,7*4,7*3 …..

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