Modular Kitchen Plywood

Modular kitchen Plywood – the Both HDF and MDF are engineered woods, created when small wood particles and fibres are compressed using high pressure and heat, and glued together by a resin. However, HDF is a higher grade of MDF, and is harder and denser. Yet, they’re two different materials altogether!

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In fact, those IKEA furniture pieces that you’re lusting after are most likely made of these boards. Although it’s interesting to note that while they’re common kitchen cabinet materials, Indian designers and contractors recommend MDF more for wardrobes and doors or for kitchen cabinet shutters.

Modular Kitchen Plywood is basically a man-made material (or engineered wood) created by gluing layers and layers of thin wood (or wood veneers) into a single sheet or board. It is available in different thicknesses and is fairly stable. It can be further coated with plastic laminate, wood veneer or thermofoil for a smoother finish and for better protection against termites and moisture. With modular kitchens seeping into almost every apartment or home in India, plywood has taken over as the most sought-after material and is readily available in Indian markets today

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The Good:

  1. Plywood is less prone to damage by moisture or water — making it a great fit for Indian kitchens.
  2. Because of the way it is bonded (ie, with the grains running against one another), it doesn’t shrink, crack or warp. Hence, it is highly durable, too.
  3. It is affordable, costing anywhere between Rs. 85 and Rs. 115 per square foot for a 19mm-thick BWR plywood from a reputed brand like CenturyPlyGreenply or Kitply. The costs depend on the type and thickness of the board. Commercial plywood would cost roughly around Rs. 55 per square foot.
  4. It is stronger than all other engineered woods, and can better hold heavy weight.
  5. It is also lighter than other boards, and is, therefore, a great option for hanging or wall cabinets.


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