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Century plywood
ARCHITECT PLY  2,652.00 5,699.00per sheet

Gurjan 13layer’s plywood

Gurjan 13 layer’s plywood,Grade:710

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Gurjan 13layer’s plywood Which is widely Used By Interior Designers and Carpenter for Home and Office purpose For Making furniture Like Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Crockery Unit, T.v unit ….13 layer’s Gurjan plywood Comes in many Sizes like 8ft Hight x 4ft width as well in thickness like 19mm, 12mm, 9mm, 6mm

Gurjan plywood comes in two qualities Gurjan 13layer plywood and Gurjan 15 layer plywood extra layer. when plywood sheet is cut from any side or in any shape the powder falls on the ground while cutting plywood it will red in color. The thickness of plywood is 19mm in both case in 13layer and 15 layers. More Bounding of layers more strength in plywood and density of plywood will be High. Which help full in screw lifting capacity

We Recommend Both the Quality’s of plywood for Interior in Home or Office. This plywood will last not less then 7 years and up-to 25 years in any condition.

Plywood Density VS Timber Density

The Density of Plywood is higher than the density of the timber species used to manufacture the veneers . Because there is a compression process in the production of plywood. The pressing machines will compress the veneers under high pressure.

Gurjan 13layer’s plywood is useful in making Interior Furniture in Home and Office Purpose. Now a Days it is Widely used By Carpenters and Interiors Brand: Ply basket   Quality: Gurjan 13layer’s plywood   ISI Grade :710 Marne ply (B.W.P) Quality Available in all thickness 

Density of PLYWOOD and Density of Core Veneers

The components of plywood is : face veneer, core veneers and back veneers. The weight  of face/back veneers of plywood practically much less than the weight of core veneers. So the density of plywood is mainly depended on the timer species of the core veneers .

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