Century Premium Plus HDHMR Board

Century MDF HDHMR (Premium Plus)

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Century Premium Plus, HDHMR Board


Century Premium Plus HDHMR Board, The healthier solution for all your furniture and interior needs. The latest Low Emission Premium Plus is made with higher density and fulfills almost every criteria a customer could ask for – it’s borer, termite, and fungus resistant, high moisture resistant, and healthy. Exuding lesser amount of formaldehyde fumes into the environment and our home, the new Low Emission Premium Plus is a healthy alternative to wood, and confirms to E1 grade standards.  Low Emission Premium Plus even has the confidence to offer an unparalleled 5-Year warranty on it. Perfect for creating durable furniture of all shapes and sizes, as well as stunning interior of every design, the Low Emission Premium Plus is available in all thicknesses of Pre-laminated and Plain Premium Plus.

Century Prowud boards are very compact with uniform fiber density throughout. Their homogeneous construction makes them suitable for consistent applications.

Premium Plus About

Century Premium Plus Prelam Boards are manufactured from High-quality plain Century Prowud Premium Plus boards and the latest international decorative papers. Low Emission Premium Plus is highly versatile and suitable even for specialised applications requiring unique shapes or intricate designs.

Why Century Prowud MDF?

It is always a good idea to invest in furniture made with Century Prowud MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the reasons below:

IT IS HIGHLY VERSATILE-  Century Prowud MDF is meticulously engineered to allow precise routing, machining, and finishing. The product has chip-free edges and can be easily carved and molded.

IT IS SMART-  Century Prowud MDF has superior technical features that provide strength and durability even in harsh environments. Scalper Technology is used to build each board, and quality is checked at 128 individual points.

IT’S BEAUTIFUL-  Century Prowud MDF is both strong and beautiful. Because of their ultra-smooth surfaces are ideal for painting, polishing, and providing a high gloss.

Bring home furniture that’s made with the durable Century Prowud MDF. It is strong, durable, and perfect for crafting sturdy & robust furniture. And its resistance to borers, termites & fungus adds another dimension to its robust nature. Moreover, the moisture and heat-resistant properties of Century Prowud MDF make it suitable for all seasons.

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