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Merino Plywood

The beauty of any furniture lies in its strength. And it derives its longevity and strength from the plywood which is at its core. That’s why Merino Plywood is called Furniture  Backbone. The multiple wooden layers bonded together provide strength and durability to the furniture manifold. Merino with its leading technology manufactures plywood that gives the ultimate strength and support that the furniture needs.

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Merino Tuff BWP plywood is an exceptional superior quality of plywood, which maintains its exceptional performance in adverse condition-inclement weather and is 100% boiling water proof. Merino also manufactures in house superior quality of phenolic formaldehyde resin. Tuff BWP plywood are made of selected quality of hardwood layers as core and similar quality of hardwood for top and bottom. Merino Tuff BWP plywood is truly termite & borer proof, exceptional in strength, and undergoes dual heat treatment resulting in fully calibrated and extremely durable plywood.

Give wings to your imagination at Merino Experience Centre (MEC). A glorious exhibit of all Merino panel products and its brands in a single retail space. Located centrally for the convenience of customers, the MEC serves as a single-window platform for consumers, business associates & channel partners to relish a first-hand experience of Merino’s diverse assortment of products.


Merino Super BWP plywood is superior quality of plywood, which maintains its supremacy in adverse condition-inclement weather, termite and 100% boiling water proof. Merino also uses in house good quality of phenolic formaldehyde resin and made with the best quality hardwood core and poplar at top & bottom, Merino Super BWP plywood is truly termite & borer resistant, high in strength and extremely durable.


As special projects need special products offering quality, but at an economical price, it is where Mandasa BWR Plywood is an exceptional leader in the category. Owing to the Merino plywood quality standards the range comprises of good quality plywood, specifically made for the project segment, offering benefits at a very competitive value. Mandasa BWR Plywood gets its resistance to moisture, impact and durability by compressing alternative layers of selected soft & hardwood using special resin.

Warranty-25 Years , Sizes-Thickness: 6mm – 9mm – 12mm – 16mm – 19mm – 25mm, Advantages-Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin, Premium Material, Dual Hot Press Treatment, Fully Calibrated

 The warranty is not applicable-

i. In case if plywood used with solid wood that are not preservative treated.

ii. In case of improper and inferior workmanship.

iii. In case of drastic mechanical and chemical treatment of the plywood.

iv. In case the product has been used along with other product.

v. In case if natural wear and tear.

vi. In case of lack of supervision against unfavorable circumstances during usage.

vii. In case the plywood has been used in abnormal humid and moist condition.


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