Types of Plywood

Types of Plywood – Plywood is made of cross- bonded core veneers and panel veneers, glued together under high heat and pressure to make a consolidated sheet that can be fashioned into different plywood elements, depending on the need. The choice of raw materials, such as the source of wood and adhesive used, and the number of piles defines the fineness of plywood. It has now become indispensable, especially in the building and furnishing solutions industry. 

Keep reading to know all the important information about the different types of plywood available in the market and their possible applications, to make a wise choice: 


1. MR Grade Plywood

What are the Different Types of Plywood Available in the Market? - CenturyPly

The first among the different types of plywood is perhaps the most widely known variant,  MR grade plywood. MR grade plywood is also known as moisture resistant grade plywood. It shows a good amount of resistance against moisture and humidity as it is treated with resins such as formaldehyde but MR plywood should ideally be avoided in areas that experience prolonged exposure to moisture, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Reputed plywood manufacturing companies offer borer and termite proof MR grade plywood, owing to the specific preservative treatment given to it during the manufacturing process. Its ideal use is in interiors, such as furniture, cabinets, and shelves.

Because of the many benefits it offers and its affordable price, it is used widely for commercial projects such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices, etc. That is why it is commonly called commercial plywood.

If you are looking  for a strong, durable and water-resistant plywood, CenturyPly’s MR grade plywood range is the one for you!

Recommended Plywood:

CenturyPly WIN MR – CenturyPly WIN MR has always been the customer’s first choice when it comes to commercial plywood. It is made from imported seasoned hardwood and bonded with melamine formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature so that they offer multiple advantages at a very reasonable cost. Extra ply layers are used to make this plywood last for a long time.

CenturyPly WIN MR offers premium quality and durability better than any other commercial grade plywoods and at an affordable cost. It is an eco-friendly plywood made from seasoned wood and extra ply layers, which provides extra strength to it. WIN MR is water resistant and comes with a 5 year warranty.

2. BWR Grade Plywood

The BWR here stands for boiling water resistant. The adhesive used in BWR grade plywood is phenol formaldehyde. Due to its considerably high resistance to water, this plywood is great for interior use. It is more expensive than MR grade plywood.

3. BWP Grade Plywood

What are the Different Types of Plywood Available in the Market? - CenturyPly

BWP grade plywood refers to Boiling Water Proof. It has superior waterproof and weather protection that makes it the most preferable plywood. It derives its bonding strength from the use of powerful adhesives – such as phenolic glue. It finds its application in places where there is direct and prolonged exposure to water like the kitchen, dining table, bathrooms, offices and more. It is safe to say that with BWP grade plywood you can make dream furniture a reality. The price of BWP grade plywood is a notch above BWR plywood since it is longer-lasting and applicable in a lot of places. It provides great value for money as it is completely borer & termite proof, covered under warranty and therefore, lasts for a long time.

If you are looking for a type of plywood that can withstand prolonged exposure to water without showing any signs of damage, then CenturyPly’s BWP plywood range is just what you need. Bring home the premium waterproof plywood from CenturyPly, today!

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