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Virgolam is one of the leading laminate manufacturers in Asia Pacific presenting a wide range of decorative laminates. Here we make laminates made in three categories namely Digital, Mica and Lam, each one is crafted with creative streak and high-end quality raw material.. Made with state-of-the-art technique, the laminates are available in exotic range of colours, designs, textures and finish. Exhibiting super strength, and highly resistant to scratch and abrasion, browse Laminate Catalogues by Virgolam for our commendable range of laminate.

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Scandic Wood (6348),Virgo Laminates - The Design Bridge

With a team size of over 1000+ employees, Virgo Group’s employees all over the India continue to work together in a rewarding environment to achieve the objectives the company was founded upon. Long before, there were government-issued regulations concerning the protection of the environment which Virgo Group had already invested in “Environment Friendly” initiatives. These included reforestation programs and elimination of the use of tropical woods and harmful, ozone-damaging chemicals. Weighing its actions on a philosophical pedestal, Virgo today has evolved into a firm that has been generating optimum profit through total satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees and society. A recipient of the ISO 14001 certifications, Virgo Group continues to invest in new technologies that can reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

Virgo laminates are made of specially selected decorative papers & absorbent Kraft paper impregnated with Melamine Formaldehyde & Phenol Formaldehyde Resin to be used on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces. The technology and process used to make the Virgo general purpose laminates makes them resistant to stains and boiling water. The same is available in almost 400 different designs, 32 different finishes which creates a wide range for its customers to choose from. Also Virgo has been specialized in launching of its new designs at regular intervals of time keeping the new trends and change in the market.

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