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Wardrobe Handles – A support system is a must in every element of matter. Be it in our life or in our daily surroundings. Once such support system that I am talking about is KNOBS AND HANDLES!! Yes, you thought right that how knobs and handles can work as a support in our surroundings? Non-living things too need some sort of support to enable the humans to make their tasks easier.

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One such supports are the knobs and handle that works as a holder to pull or push the doors and cabinets. Knobs are round shaped lump or balls alike features, unlike handles that are elongated in design and shape; placed at the end of the surface of an object.

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Have you ever imagined where did these unique creations come in into existence? Though the time is not exactly their existence comes from the ancient U.S in 1878 by an inventor named, Osbourne Dorsey. He provided this as a suggestion to the U.S Patent Office for a door closing service. And now they have become a vital part of the everyday furniture.

They transform the house into a beautiful décor, complimenting your kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, knobs and handles can be found in beautifully crafted handmade designs.

Indianshelf presents you with a wide variety of knobs and handles that add glamour and finishing charm to our monotonous doors and cabinets.  They are available in different colour, designs and finish from ceramic to glass to brass and the list is endless. The time has come o dazzle your guests with a dazzling variety we are offering ranging from ceramic to glass to metal.

Just a brief about the wide varieties of knobs and handles that indianshelf offers:

the elements of your kitchen together with coordinated knobs & handles. Choose from the BORGHAMN collection of handles to give your drawers and cupboards that perfect craftsman rustic look. And for something minimalistic check out the ORRNÄS knobs and handles. The EDVALLA drop handles adds a jewel-like beauty to your drawers that is reminiscent of ancient door knockers. But if you like greys, the MÖLLARP knobs & handles have the perfect textured colour effect. And a minimalist choice for a modern white kitchen would be the knobs and handles from either the BILLSBRO or HACKÅS collections. A traditional white theme calls for the exquisite classic porcelain handles and knobs of the HISHULT and SKÄRHAMN collections. The ENERYDA cup-shaped drawer pulls are a perfect match to both modern and retro-themed interiors. And choose from our collection of hinges and dampers to make your drawers and cabinets open and close smoothly and silently every single time.

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