Austin plywood


Austin plywood comes with many Names like Austin Gold, Austin Gold B/B, Austin club+ ,Austin Platinum +,Austin Fire retardant , Austin Fire Retardant B/B, Austin Flexi ply , Austin WPC

Austin ply is one of the top most quality product Austin ply is used in making furniture in apartments ,house furniture like modular kitchen ,t.v unit ,crockery unit ,partition and many more

Austin highly durable product borer proof termite proof water resistance with 25+ years of guaranteed certificate provided by company its is 710 grade plywood gurjan plywood water proof plywood

Platinum Plus

(Lloyds Approved British Standard BS 1088)

Austin Platinum Plus go through quadruple pressing to ensure uniform distribution of moisture and adhesive to create plywood that is strong, durable and free from warping, twisting and cupping. The plywood is double calibrated for uniform thickness and goes through 2 tier preservative treatments to ensure termite proofing.

Club Plus

Manufactured as par IS 10701 standards, Austin Club Plus is a structural plywood with more tensile, compressive and panel shear strength. Treated with the best preservatives, this plywood ensures lifetime durability and is perfect for most building applications all thanks to the variety of sizes, thickness and grades we have in offering. Austin Club Plus is one of the most preferred structural plywood brands by trusted builders from across India.


Carefully treated and bonded with marine grade water-proof resin, Austin Gold is the best & premium marine grade plywood which has the ability to withstand continuous frequent shift of dry & wet conditions.

Birch Plywood

Imported from North Pole- Finland

Construction of Birch Plywood:

The Raw material comes from sustainable FSC certified forests located in Finland. The best quality Birch Plywood is only produced in Finland.

It is made of Cross Bonded 1.4mm thick birch veneers. It contains a single piece of veneer on its face. without any knots or patched voids.

The hardwood Panels is sealed on both sides and their surface is hard and durable. Hardwood Plywood is distinguished by its hardened properties and therefore it’s executes well in all its application demanding high strength and rigidity.

Finland birth plywood is ideal for CNC ROUTING and multiple beautiful designs can be made from.

About Austin

Dedicated to ensure a performance-oriented service to our customers, Austin Plywood is Asia’s most promising brand when it comes to Plywood. One of the leaders of the Plywood Industry, Austin Ply is the only Plywood Company in India which is BS 1088 Lloyds approved from London, UK. Located primarily in 2 locations- Kolkata & Guwahati, Austin Ply caters to more than 25 countries across the globe. With an array of products and services under a same brand, Austin Plywood is the best choice industrial requirement, architects and dream projects.

Austin Plywood’s expertise lies not only in the age – old plywood concept but also in the much advanced and technology savvy products. Being the manufacturers of premium plywood in India, Austin Plywood shares the quest for excellence in the Plywood Industry and customer satisfaction has always been its primary goal.

Technical Specification – Physical Property

State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

  • Imported Timber to ensure 100% High Quality
  • 500% Lifetime Warranty
  • Boiling Water Proof for 200 hours

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