The Green Club Plus Seven Hundred is India’s first zero-emission plywood. Complying with IS: 5509 certified fire retardant properties, the plywood comes with Vira Shield protection – it kills 99.9% viruses and 99.7% bacteria. It is further passed through Penta 5 technology.

Made from selected hardwoods, Green Marine Grade Plywood is a BWP marine plywood, constructed to be highly water-resistant. It is best for your kitchen cabinets where moisture tends to collect.

Green plywood benefits

A superior marine grade plywood that is specially curated for interior applications, this product is perfect for furniture, panel doors, windows, partitions and cabins.

Like when it comes to PVC Boards, Green Ndure from Greenply delivers the promise of durability and visual appeal. They are lead-free, environmental-friendly, termite proof and waterproof. They also have fire-retardant properties and come in varying densities as per the application requirement.

Opt for fire-retardant plywoods that can save a precious life during a fire emergency. Choose quality fire-retardant plywoods offered by Greenply, which allows slow spreading of fire, giving you enough time to escape.

Greenply Plywood Price list with Products Details

There are too many product lines available with Greenply plywood with various price ranges and specifications and often people get confused to select the plywood properly with Greenply. So here we are going to discuss each plywood with price details and product specifications so that it is easier for you to compare and select the right one for you.

The plywood available with Greenply is

  • Green Platinum Plywood
  • Green Club 700 Plywood
  • Green Club 5 Hundred
  • Greenply- Green 710 Ply
  • Greenply- Gold Plywood
  • Greenply-Optima G Plywood
  • Greenply- Ecotec Platinum 710 plywood
  • Greenply- Green MR Ply

If you want to know about Greenply waterproof plywood price list then you can go through the below details of the first 8 ply starting from Green Platinum ply to Greenply Ecotec 710 ply. The last one is Green MR-grade plywood.

So let’s discuss each product one by one with price details.

Greenply Platinum Plywood

Green platinum ply is one of the popular ply from Greenply. Greenply claims it is 2X more fire retardant and 2X more waterproof than regular FR-grade plywood. platinum is BWP-grade marine plywood that comes with a 30-year warranty and with a 2X money-back guarantee to its customers. It also complies with the E0 emission level.

Let’s discuss the Green platinum Plywood price with detailed product specifications in the below tables.

Greenply Green Platinum Plywood Product Details

Every Greenply plywood has different product specifications, warranty, guarantee, and details that you can compare while buying and you should know why you are paying this much for a specific product. So let’s discuss some product USPs and technical specifications that Greenply promises to customers for Green Platinum Plywood.

Product SpecificationProduct Details
Available Sizes6ftx3ft, 6ftx4ft, 7ftx3ft, 7ftx4ft, 8ftx3ft, 8ftx4ft
WaterproofBoiling Waterproof(BWP), Marine 710 Grade
Warranty and Guarantee30 years warranty with a 2X money-back guarantee
Emission CompliantE0 European Standard (Formaldehyde emission level)
Fire retardantFully fire retardant plywood as per IS: 5509
Borer and TermiteBorer and termite proof.
Green Platinum Ply