What Is The Price of Century club

Club Prime from the house of CenturyPly is the only plywood sheet that passes 25 stringent tests as per Bureau of Indian Standards. It’s a superior quality all-rounder plywood sheet that comes with revolutionary technologies such as Firewall and ViroKill making it the best quality plywood at affordable plywood price.

Centuryply Club Prime BWP, Centuryply WIN MR, Centuryply Sainik MR, Centuryply Sovereign MR and 710 BWP, Centuryply Sainik 710 BWP, Centuryply Architect Plywood BWP Range of Plywoods from Centuryply available at United Plywood Agencies.


  • Also Available In Blockboard.
  • A Unique Glp Formula Is Used To Make The Plywood Borer And Termite Proof
  • Boiling Water Proof
  • 25 Year Warranty Against Borer And Termite
  • More Number Of Plies For More Strength
  • Pre-pressing: This Provides Sufficient Time For Transfer Of The Preservatives Deep Into The Veneers Before Hot Pressing. It Helps In Distributing The Moisture Uniformly Throughout The Ply, Ensuring That It Is Borer And Termite Proof And Also Warp Resistant.
  • Pre-pressing Is A Process Which Only Centuryply Provides

What Is The Price of Century club

Available in All Cities 


CenturyPly Club Prime (Boiling Water Proof) plywood is one of the few brands made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives before pressing, ensuring equal distribution of moisture and adhesive. The unique GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula is then applied, making the plywood borer and termite proof. This ply comes with a 25 year warranty.

Buy Club Prime waterproof ply board online for residential and commercial purposes at an affordable price from CenturyPly Eshop.

The Century Association is a private social, arts, and dining club in New York City, founded in 1847. Its clubhouse is located at 7 West 43rd Street near Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. It is primarily a club for