Out of so many plywoods available in the market these days, hardwood plywood is best suited for the construction of cupboards.

Cupboards are one of the most important parts of your interior. Choosing the right cabinetry can help you organize your home and life in a much better way. When you’re building the abode of your dreams, stacking things on the counter or in the corner of the interiors is something you do not wish to do at all. Remodeling or designing the spaces in a way that helps you build storage units in an exquisite manner is what people generally seek.

Here are a few options you can look at to choose the right plywood for cupboards:

There are different types of plywood for cupboards available out there that you can choose from but the most common ones for house furnishing are the BWP grade and termite proof range.

Which plywood is best for cupboards?

1. BWP grade 

BWP is ‘boiling water-proof’ plywood, also referred to as Marine Plywood which is absolutely water-proof. Being a hundred percent waterproof ply board, it is highly durable. No amount of water can damage the shape of this plywood. Due to its waterproof quality, this is a go-to choice for homeowners while choosing plywood for cupboards. The boiling waterproof feature keeps your cupboards moisture free and doesn’t let the furniture bend or warp.Cupboards at homes are usually placed at positions where the chances to receive sunlight is negligible. This is a main reason cupboards and wardrobes lose their shine, and also attract moisture. BWP grade plywood makes sure that your furniture not only loses its glow but also remains as good as new no matter where it is kept.

2. Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated plywood has uniform thickness all across, which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high-end machines. Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it an ideal panel product for use in furniture, beds, kitchen cabinetries, wardrobes, sofas. Whereas, non calibrated plywood generally has thickness variation and warping issues which can deform the overall look of the cupboard. Hence, it is advisable to choose calibrated ply as it is not only durable but can also enhance the overall look of the furniture made from it.

3.  Termite proof

Termites can invade your homes and start to feed on the foundation of your expensive furniture. Only a resilient plywood can keep your cupboards free from termite infestation. Hence, it is essential to always opt for termite proof furniture made of high-quality plywood so that your interiors shine with grace for at least a decade. As the issue of termites prevails, keep in mind that you have it in your hands to control it. Most people overlook the fact that the quality of plywood for cupboards is essential to take into consideration as it can make a huge difference. With Wigwam, you get the best plywood as not only it protects closed spaces like cupboards from termites but also creates a sustainable place so you can live a sustainable life. 

4. Zero Emission Plywood

Choosing a formaldehyde emission free plywood while making your cupboard is essential.  Every plywood sheet is manufactured using formaldehyde and inhaling between 0.4 to 3 ppm of formaldehyde vapour can cause mild to moderate irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. This often results in watery eyes, runny noses, and itching or stinging sensations. Hence, always opt for plywood with zero formaldehyde emission when it comes to making cupboards.

Which plywood is best for cupboards?

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