MR, BWR, and BWP (moisture resistant, boiling water resistant, boiling waterproof) are the best types of plywood for furniture in India. Out of these, BWR and BWP are more suited as they are durable and offer more water resistance.

Which plywood is best for a modular kitchen in India?

BWR and BWP grade plywood is best for modular kitchens in India.

List of Top 6 Plywood Brands in India


CenturyPly was founded in 1986 with a vision to transform India with its products to match the progressing standards and the modern living of the people. It is one of the largest and best plywood companies in India that offers maximum choices through its wide range of products to its customers with a guarantee of quality and durability.

CenturyPly has maintained its presence in the Indian market with its products and has dedicated its maximum efforts to listening to Indian customers and introducing products that are satisfactory in all aspects. 


GreenPly is one of the best plywood companies in India that provides home décor solutions. It started in 1984 by setting up a sawmill and introducing the plywood industry in India.

A vast range of high-quality products makes GreenPly one of the best plywood brands in India. The brand’s commitment to making environment-friendly products is also commendable. 

AK – Appleply

Established in 1984, the AK Group has become one of the largest manufacturers of top-grade wood products in India. The brand is synonymous with quality, integrity, and versatility in its wide range of products.

AK – Apple Ply is a prominent name in the Indian market, widely known for its unwavering quality and durability. Its products are easily available online and the brand offers you multiple customisation options to curate products as per your taste!

SIPL Plywood

SIPL Plywood was established in 1956 as a sawmill company and mostly functioned as a timber supplier. In 2017, it started its own plywood business and set up a standard manufacturing unit to compete with its competitors.

SIPL Plywood offers high-quality, environment-friendly products at affordable prices. It has a wide variety of products available suitable for different purposes. Given its range of products and price tags, this is a must-mention on our list.

Krishna Plywood

Krishna Plywood is a trusted brand that has been serving customers since 1984. The brand widely manufactures plywoods, flush doors, skin doors, MDF particle boards, and many other furnishing products.

  • Krishna Plywood has a wide range of products that employ Glue Line Protection technology to bring a long-lasting product
  • Many colour options are available for all thicknesses of plywood

Marine Plywood

Marine grade plywood, or BWP, is the best quality plywood and is used in the construction of ships, boats, and other marine applications. It is void-free, without any knotholes and cracks to adhere to extreme weather conditions and submersion in water.